Andi Star – Star of All Gulets

Thanks to our visit of gulet Andi Star we know what it means to have a passion and a life purpose. Love transformed into job that someone likes to do is best showed to us by our host, Captain Dinko.

After 38 years of sailing on foreign seas and work as a seaman, he decided to buy a gulet in Turkey. First one, Andi, bought in 2001, and the next year began working with tourists. Andi Star arrived in 2006, and on quite exciting way: passing through the Strait of Otranto in time of the storm, due to big waves and strong wind, one side of the boat leaned all the way to the sea surface and was almost sink!

Fortunately, by the experience of captain Dinko and with the help of his son, Andi Star has came whole and since then many tourists drive along the Croatian coast of the Adriatic, who are regularly delighted with the beauty and diversity of historical sites. A captain and his family are no less enthusiastic about their guests. Always with a smile and friendly approach equal to all, they are seeking to allow them a pleasant stay.

Only happy moments on Andi Star

- We are taking care of birthdays of our guests and similar occasions by surprising them on board - says the captain. They also care about the nutritional needs of their tourists: if someone is a vegetarian or on gluten-free diet, they try to make the purchase everything needed for their meals.

The gulet has 5 air-conditioned cabins with en suite bathrooms and double beds and can accommodate 10 to 12 people. The comfortable lounge has a large table that is surrounded by soft sitting. You can try fishing, scuba diving, jet skiing, water skiing and canoeing, and there is an IPOD connection, Wi-Fi and games.

That the gulet is really special, says the fact that one couple married on it. Groom from South Africa wanted to surprise his bride, and with the help of the crew organized a romantic pronouncing of the fateful “yes”.

Drawings for the reminiscence

We asked Mr. Dinko to give us the insight into the guest book. Of course we didn’t expect bad comments, but what we saw left us speechless: two books are completely filled not only by sentences but also drawings of the boat and verses about it. We found an interesting one from the regular guests:

For the fourth time we came back to this boat and spent a wonderful time, enjoying the blue sea, the fascinating landscape of Kornati islands and delighting the sun. Thousands of thanks to Dinko, Sina, Leo and Josip. We enjoyed creative meals from Sina and the efficient direction of the boat of our captain Dinko.

With special thanks for the help in organizing the wedding, praise was written by a couple from South Africa:

We have been on other cruises and boats; I can tell you we have enjoyed the best service, the best food, the best holiday! We are sad to leave, but happy we leave as friends. And we shall return! Thank you for your good service, your professional approach and your friendship.

Unfortunately, we weren’t on the cruise, but however we can confirm in first-hand hospitality, practicality and comfort of the gulet and we don’t even need to mention the widely known beauty of the Croatian coast.