Hvar - An Important Port on the Sunniest European Island

Port of Hvar and its location in the middle of the Adriatic Sea has an important place in maritime transport. In fact, this city on the island is located at the crossroads of major sea routes in the Adriatic Sea. Part of its coastline is the best preserved coastline in Europe, which dates from the Venetian era.

Hvar's port is the most common destination for boaters. No wonder when the navigation is easy on all sides: If you arrive from the west, the road will show you the lighthouses on Cape Pelegrin (8m B Bl(3) 10s 21m 8m) and Veli Vodnjak (8m B Bl 6s 31m 9M), and the entry into its port marks lighthouse on an island Galešnik (6m Z Bl 3s 12m 4M).

Those who sailing into Hvar port from Korcula or Vela Luka will help light on the island Pokonji dol (15m B Bl 4s 20m 10m) at the eastern entrance to Pakleni channel and the red light on the island of Jerome (5m C Bl 3s 12m 4M). To access Hvar serve passes through Pakleni islands: between Veli Vodnjak and Paržanj, Paržanj and Borovac, which is the safest and deepest pass (28 meters), and Borovac and St. Clement, narrow and shallow one meter.

Nautical paradise

Once you tie in this port you have to be careful of winds. The bay is open to the south, and the protection of the Pakleni islands is poor because their narrow passage accelerates the winds and because of that waves are strong. Also, its indentation into the shore is not enough to keep its west coast to provide the necessary protection.

Riva is 250 meters long and consists of several parts. The coast of 100 meters is intended for line passenger transport; here docks catamarans and passenger ships.

Then comes a designated part of the coast intended for sailors, equipped with moorings, water and electricity. First are situated mega yachts, and beside them are berths for smaller yachts and boats. There is enough space for about twenty yachts. The maximum stay of the ship is two days.

Northernmost 50 meters of waterfront is reserved for the Hvar barges. This is a zone designated for berths of taxi for the Pakleni islands, and fishing boat berths. In this area is prohibited binding and stopping ships that are not for these purposes.

Then follows an area of berths for smaller local boats up to 7 m in length, and there is provided space for 40 vessels with an average length of 5m.

At the customs transit you can keep only if you want to inspect the ship and documents. The zone is also used for loading and unloading of passengers from the cruise ships. This area is marked and fenced.

All in one place

Since the town of Hvar combines sumptuous nature, rich cultural and historical heritage and tourism offer made to anyone's measure and above all has the perfect conditions for nautical tourism it is an ideal destination for your vacation.

The first municipal theater in Europe, Hvar Cathedral, restored and renovated fortress Fortica with the cultural and tourist attractions, biking and hiking trails, Hvar indigenous varieties of wine... We do not want to spoil many surprises offered by the city and the island so we invite you to come and see for yourself the magic of Hvar.