Bareboat Charter in Croatia

Bareboat charter Croatia is suitable for those who enjoy an active, relaxing vacation, already know how to sail a yacht and have the necessary documentation to do so: at least a B-category skipper’s licence and a VHF radio operator’s certificate. (Here is full list of all certificates issued by the competent authorities of all states that are recognized for operating Croatian flag boats and yachts.)

When you are booking your charter, tell us you intend to skipper yourself and send us a copy of your skipper’s licence so we can check its validity. Please note that you should show us your licence again on arrival at our office, for two reasons: so we can verify the original document once more, and make sure you actually have it in your possession, because you cannot sail without it. After that, you will check in with one of our colleagues and inspect the boat’s seaworthiness while getting to know its specific characteristics.

Once you are sure the boat is seaworthy, you will sign a check list and upon your return to harbour, go through it item by item, returning the vessel in the same condition as when you took it over.