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κύριες πληροφορίες
σκάφος: MS Mia
μοντέλο: Gulet Mia
Είδος: Γολέτα
Έτος: 2007
Transit log:
τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά
μήκος: 26.00 m μέγιστο πλατος:
Άτομα: 8 βύθισμα:
καμπίνες: 4 κινητήρας: 2x440 hp MAN
WC/Ντους: 4 χωρητικότητα καυσίμων:
εκτόπισμα: χωρητικότητα ύδατος:

This is a gullet which you will love for its exceptional comfort. The rear deck has a table, leisure sofa and outdoor bar. On the front deck you will be able to sunbathe on mattresses. Both decks can be covered by tent. The salon had two tables facing each other: one is for dining our specialties and the other one, surrounded by soft and comfortable sofas, for drinking, relaxation or for anything that you like. 4 air-conditioned cabins with en suite bathrooms can accommodate 8 people: one is master cabin, two cabins are with a double bed and two are with double bed and one single bed. You can have fun with Wi-Fi, skiing, rowing, diving, fishing and canoeing. Enjoy!


Air conditioner, Triple bed cabin (2), Towels, Blankets, Bed linen, Sheets, Pillows, Double bed cabin (2), Master cabin (1)

Sports Equipment:
Water ski (extra: fuel), Canoes, Wake board (extra: fuel), Fishing equipment, Paddle board, Snorkeling equipment


τιμές (2017)


από 01.01. - 03.06. 03.06. - 01.07. 01.07. - 02.09. 02.09. - 30.09. 30.09. - 28.10. κατάθεση
τιμή 14.000 € 17.500 € 19.250 € 17.500 € 14.000 €

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