Šolta Island

Šolta island is situated close to Split – you can reach it in only 45 minutes by a ferry. Despite such a close proximity of the city, Šolta’s characteristic feature is its pristine natural charm. With only 1,5 thousand habitants, 24 gulfs and natural beauty, Šolta is a place where you can find quiet and serenity wherever you are.

Šolta has had strong relations with Split since centuries. It used to be a Roman Emperor Diocletian’s “summer home˝ and his private fish farm. Other well situated families like Cindro and Čipiko families had their summer homes on Šolta. Now the island is still well known for its olives, honey and wine.


Interesting places on Šolta island:

Village Maslinica is located on the western coast of the island of Šolta. Its numerous beautifully wind-sheltered creeks and inlets, together with its little seven isles archipelago (with isles: Polebrnjak, Saskinja, Stipanska, Kamik, Balkun, Šarac and Grmej), make Maslinica an phenomenal seafaring, diving, and underwater fishing heaven. Reclamation of the castle into a hotel and the building a marina are changing this settlement step by step into the touristic heart of Šolta.

The most popular cove, besides Maslinica, is the Šešula cove with its excellent location and provided protection, safe mooring and exceptional gastronomical practice very appealing.

Stomorska is a perfect destination for tourists searching for old-times tourism. Situated on the northeastern side of the island 12 km from the port Rogač, this little town has only 250 habitants, who can cater the need of around 500 people looking for accommodation in summer. If you are going to berth, Stomorska has place for 30 boats. The bucolic charm of Stomorska on a par with the local hospitality will steal your heart immediately.

Rogač is the oldest settlement on Šolta, and is the best link between Split and the rest of the island. Many beaches and creeks nearby make a great place for nautical tourism. Rogač creek is open to the north winds.

Grohote is located on in central part of the island, on the road linking two most distant towns of Šolta - Stomorska and Maslinica. There is also road connection to the port in Rogač. Grohote , being the oldest and biggest town on Šolta, is the economic and administrative main point at the map of the island. Its residents work mostly as farmers, fishermen or they work with lime.

Nečujam is located in the biggest cove of Šolta, and is the newest town there. It lies by the broad beach. There are eight coves in the creek: Bok Supetra, Šumpjivina, Podkamenica, Maslinica, Tiha, Bok od rata, Piškera and Supetar.

Gornje Selo, a little settlement that looks defensive from one hundred  metres of height, is a standard illustration of Mediterranean architecture. Thanks to the proximity to the fecund fields and to the sea on the south, the residents of Gornje Selo work mostly in the fields, vineyards and the olive farms, few of them are fishermen. Nowadays, locals are the only ones on Šolta who have favorably transfored their heritage and husbandry into tourist attractions.

Srednje Selo is little settlement dating back to the Medival times, located on a way from Grohote to Donje Selo. The least populated village on the island used to be a farmer and olive and wine growers’ village. Today Srednje selo is now a place of densely built-up stone houses and an abandoned school building that reminds us of the past of this place, previously full of life and people.

Donje Selo is situated on the road beteen Maslinica on the western edge of the island and Srednje selo. The road on north leads to the amazing gulf of Donja Krušica, a litlle tourist village that visited by more and more tourists every year.

Donja Krušica is a little fishing village on the north of Šolta. You can come to Donja Krušica by a local road from Donje Selo. It is just 1,5 km distance, so you can easily reach it on foot. In the village you can find a little, shallow port. The village is a typical fishermen’s settlement without any stores or restaurants, which makes it an oasis of calm and quiet with beautiful primal nature.

Gornja Krušica is a little fishing village on the northeastern part of the island. Just like Donja Krušica, the village has no stores or restaurants. The closest town to the villae is Stomorska, reachable by alocal road or by sea.