Kornati Tour

Zadar – Tribunj – Kaprije – Zirije – Vrulje – Levrnaka – Zadar

Draws of the Deep South Route:

  • "Francesca di Rimini" wreck
  • Steep walls
  • Balun cliff
  • National park Kornati

Kornati route is dedicated to those looking for really unforgettable diving experiences. The trip covers the area of island Žirije and Kornati National Park. The park is a strictly protected area, which affected fauna and flora on its islands. The plenty of fish and other marine life is much higher than anywhere else in Croatia and this makes the underwater landscape really stunning. It is planned to spend 3 full days diving in the Kornati Park!

During this cruise the time is entirely devoted to diving places with walls and shipwracks. Additionally, the plan includes one stop for night diving, usually on the Žirije island. Other places on this route are Vodice, Tribunj, Zlarin, Kaprije, Sali and Levranaka island in NP Kornati.

The quote from George Bernard Shaw’s takes it very appropriate: "On the last day of creation the Lord would crown his work - he created the Kornati islands of stars, tears and divine breath."

Some of the best diving spots here are:

  • Bačvice (rock with wrack (45m) and beautiful wall (up to 60m)B
  • Bakul (underwater canyon up to 45m)
  • Škrovada (wall up to 70m)
  • Francesca da Rimini (wrack, up to 45m)-diving with diving center
  • Najada Samograd (NP Kornati, wall up to 60m)
  • Pantiula (NP Kornati, wall up to 75m)
  • Balun (NP Kornati, wall with corals, up to 85m)
  • Plič Grmeni (Žirije) – rack in combination with deep wall (up to 55m)
  • Blitvenica – deep wall up to 90m