Gulete - MS Almissa Blu - Gulet Almissa Blu

MS Almissa Blu - Gulet Almissa Blu
Galvenā informācija
Jahta: MS Almissa Blu
Modelis: Gulet Almissa Blu
Veids: Gulete
Uzbūves gads: 1990
Tehniskais raksturojums
garums: 21.70 m
piestātnes: 32
Kabīnes: 16
WC/Duša: 4

Have you ever heard of the gullet which has mirrors in the cabin with an inspiring message? Almissa Blu is just the one. On the decks you will enjoy the sun lying on sun beds, and in the spacious lounge eat Dalmatian specialties and use the bar. The kitchen is fully equipped and separated from the salon. The gullet has 16 cabins with twin beds and a washbasin. Those on the lower deck have air conditioning and cabins on the upper one have direct access to the fresh air. There are 4 toilets. The crew does not entering in your cabin during the cruise so you have to keep it clean by yourself. We assume that with slogans Hello, beautiful and You gonna rock tonight on the mirror you will not mind that.

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