Charter Management

If you own a yacht and you would like to earn some extra money or just cover some costs the ideal way of doing it is to put your yacht in Orvas Yachting charter fleet based in ACI marina Split.

Yacht management service

Yacht charter management program consists of different activities such as: finding the berth for the yacht in a marina, maintenance of the yacht, booking, receiving the clients and all other administrative services in the base.

In this way we give to yacht owners greater safety, enjoyment and peace of mind.

Orvas Yachting obligations during the yacht management program

Prior to the agreement of charter management, Orvas will review the vessel and determine whether it meets the requirements of the quality standards for our charter boats.

If it does meet quality requirements we will include the vessel in our chartering program, sell accommodation to guests in the domestic and international markets, perform central booking and endeavour to provide the best possible utilisation of the vessel.

Orvas will offer the vessel in the market, publish brochures and leaflets, visit trade fairs, run complete correspondence with clients, book vacant capacities, contract accommodation services with clients (individual guests and agencies) and provide other administrative services.

During the chartering season, after each return of the vessel from a charter tour, we will do the check-out, inspect the vessel’s underwater part, engine, navigation equipment and inventory, and perform any necessary repairs and servicing.

Orvas will carrie out the lump-sum-works for the purpose of maintaining the vessel and its equipment, by the following specification:

  • Repair works on the vessel (up to 5 work hours per month gratis)
  • Control the battery charging during the idle period
  • Bilge and bilge pump control
  • Deck window sealing – control
  • Deck control
  • Fuel and water tanks control
  • Monitoring the status of the ropes (mooring, …) and replacing them as needed
  • Winter airing – daily
  • Engine start – weekly/monthly
  • Generator start – weekly/monthly
  • Starting the air conditioner weekly/monthly
  • Washing and storage of the sun-tents during winter
  • Setting and controlling the winter tents/covers
  • Wintering the vessel and equipment after the season (washing/removing sails and deck equipment, washing and disassembling the dinghy, lubrication and tightening of boat windows, washing the bilge and general cleaning of the interior, disassembly of the gas cooker, dismantling the plotter and electrical equipment (if not covered, protection of the safety equipment and preparation for servicing, dismantling and protecting the cockpit table, … )
  • Equipping the yacht after the wintering (setting the sails, installation of deck equipment, sun tents setting, tightening the fence, dinghy assembly, gas cooker installation, plotter mounting, safety equipment assembly, etc)
  • Fresh water system service (cleaning the filters, drainage the tanks, control of tube joints)
  • Service of deck winches
  • Inspection and service of the steering system (lubrication, …)
  • Shore power cable/connection check

In addition to the afore-mentioned works, beyond the lump-sum, with the agreement of the owner, we will independently perform and/or arrange other maintenance (third-party) services and repairs such as:

  • Antifouling application
  • Hull and deck polishing
  • Repairs on the hull and interior
  • Engine and S-drive service
  • Bow-thruster service
  • Anchor winch service
  • Service and repair of electronic and electrical equipment
  • Sun tent repair and service
  • Service and repairs of inflatable dinghy
  • Gas cooker service
  • Service of the fridges
  • Toilet and installation services
  • Safety equipment service (life raft, fire-fighting appliances, pyrotechnics …)
  • General cleaning of the boat and washing of bed linen before the season
  • Washing the kitchen in the salon and cabin
  • Wash thoroughly deck and fly bridge prior to the first seasonal departure
  • Upgrade/modify charter equipment (ropes, charts, first aid, dishes, bedding, …, according to the updated “Charter Equipment List”)

Obligations of the yacht owners

The vessel should be provided with the following prescribed ship’s documents: valid navigation permit, all-risk insurance for chartered boats, insurance of passengers and crew against injuries, VHF radio-station permit, valid life-raft and fire extinguisher attestations.

The owners should prepare the vessel in according with the inventory list we provide, keep yacht and its equipment in technically fine condition, with the correct business legal status and clear ownership. The vessel should be fully prepared for navigation and cruising accommodation, including full fuel tank and all the prescribed equipment (we will give to you lists) like ship’s pharmacy contents and safety and obligatory boat equipment as prescribed by the Harbourmaster Office.

For the listed lump-sum-works the owner is obliged to pay the ‘boat maintenance’ in the amount of 200 EUR + VAT monthly during the 12 months of the contract.

The Owner pays the costs related to the vessel possession and maintenance:

  • Annual berth
  • Crane operations
  • All-risk insurance
  • Extending ship’s documents
  • Annual servicing of the vessel propulsion system and its underwater part
  • Costs of maintenance of the vessel (costs of spare parts, materials, maintenance of the technical, statutory and functional aspects) such as:
    • major repairs of the engine (overhaul, gearbox, fuel pump, sprayers, coolers, turbines)
    • installation infrastructure (pumps, electronics)
    • antifouling and underwater hull maintenance
    • anchor winch motor (if burned from wear)
    • alternator (if burned)
    • starter (if burned)
    • sails and ropes
    • life-raft and fire extinguisher attestations
    • auto-pilot repair.

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