Croatia: Yacht Charter With Skipper Explained in 7 Easy Steps

Have you ever daydreamed about turquoise lagoons, beautiful hidden caves, stunning nationals parks, picturesque antic towns or thematic excursions filled with amazing history, gastronomic pleasures or adventures that will blow your mind? All those things can be summed up in a few words – yacht charter with skipper in Croatia.

Want something more? Want to explore the hidden corners of the Adriatic, places that exude local spirit and festivities, taste authentic dishes served at ‘places hidden from view’, meet local fishermen or spend some time with a lighthouse keeper, sail into the secret bays, all spiced up with a sense of peace and relaxation? Then, there is only one winning option for your vacation – rent a yacht charter with a skipper in Croatia!

Sailing yacht near island covered with green forest on Adriatic

1. It takes two to tango

Renting a yacht charter with a skipper is an integral part all charter agencies offer in Croatia and holds a high place in the list of the most desirable dream vacations.

There are a handful of reasons for this. Namely, the Croatian coast is one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the world that you can experience to the fullest only if you are aboard a vessel that serves you impeccably and at the same time hire a skipper you will trust with unlimited confidence.

It takes two to tango, a well-maintained boat and an experienced skipper.

2. A sailboat that suits your needs

First of all, keep in mind that the price range for a 7-day yacht charter rental ranges from 1,500 – 6,000 euros or more.

Prices are highest in July and August, while in late Spring and early Autumn they can be up to 40% lower. Sailboats with 6 cabins are significantly more expensive than those with 3 cabins, as are the prices of new sailboat models compared to those who have been renting for 5 or more years.

Bear in mind that the charter agency is the one that gives the soul to the vessel. They maintain and take care of the sailboat and pay attention to necessary equipment on the boat, related to safe navigation as well as regarding the aesthetic and decor, making sure all the crucial parts for a carefree sailing vacation are set. Choosing the right charter agency guarantees your vacation will feel like home!

Here’s another tip, for the highest guarantee of quality and reliability all the professional local skippers are choosing to collaborate with Orvas Yachting.

3. A skipper that will fulfil all Your expectations

A good skipper is the one that will respond to all expected or unexpected situations and, no matter how good or bad the situations are, transform them into your very own perfect adventure under the sails.

Family on sailing boat navigated by a skipper

Specifically, a skipper’s fee ranges from 120 – 180 euros per day plus meals. The lowest price is mainly kept by younger skippers who don’t have many ‘miles under their sails’, a fee of 150 euros per day is kept by really experienced skippers who sail without fear even during unfavourable weather situations and easily handle the unforeseen situations. The highest price is mostly held by skippers with extensive sailing experience, ones who are experienced in regatta sailing as well.

Some skippers carry fishing gear with them and will treat their crew with fresh fish, some are well acquainted with the best gastronomic destinations, wine routes of Croatia or less visited offshore islands, some know all the party destinations of the Adriatic and some know the locations of undiscovered coves and will gladly arrange for their crew an unforgettable evening of sea silence and stars.

It is on you to choose what kind of skipper you prefer, and charting agency Orvas Yachting can help you create your perfect yacht charter vacation with skipper.

4. Skippered charter – skipper and hostess as a formula for a perfect yacht charter vacation in Croatia

Children jumping into the sea from sailing boat

In case you want to fully indulge in marine hedonism, be sure to consider hiring a hostess as well.

This is particularly advisable for parents with young children who also want to experience the joy of a real vacation. Hostess’s fee ranges from 100 – 130 euros per day plus meals. The hostess takes care of the cleanliness of the boat’s interior, getting supplies, prepares breakfast and a light lunch, and, for an additional charge, can prepare dinner(s) as well.

On request, the hostess can also babysit and often becomes your closest adviser on board and land.

5. Skipper at his/her best

Every skipper needs a good night’s sleep and regular nutrition. Namely, a skipper is a person who works all season without a day’s rest, and is responsible for the safety of all crew members as well as for the vessel he/she manages, and is “moved” almost every week to another vessel where he/she meets the new crew (no guests on board, all persons boarded represent the crew).

Quality sleep is not possible in the salon because of its location, but also due to different habits of those present on board, so the first advice is – for a skipper (and hostess) to provide a separate cabin. In addition, it is your duty to provide food for your crew.

The rule is; if the crew eats pasta – the skipper eats the pasta if the crew eats lobster – the skipper eats lobster. If you want privacy while visiting the restaurants, state it clearly to your skipper (and hostesses), and provide 20-30 euros per meal for each person.

6. Always be one step ahead

Fruit, juice and book on cockpit table on sailing yacht in sunset

To make sure that your skippered charter really meets all your expectations, get in touch with your future “boat friends” a few weeks before you go sailing and specify the most important demands. This way you will be able to start enjoying your trip fully as soon as you set sail!

You can briefly explain your preferences to your skipper, such as whether you prefer shorter or longer daily sailing distances, overnight in bays or marinas, dinners on board or at a restaurant, or just want a combination of all of the above. In case you prefer spending the night on a tight berth, or dinners at restaurants, the most attractive of which are the picturesque bays that also provide free berths for boats – your skipper can make all the reservations on time.

In case you decide for a skippered charter (to hire a hostess), be sure to send us a list of the food you want to have ready on board and briefly describe what kind of food you prefer to consume during your sail, or, as we call it – “đita”.

7. Boat Rules

Trust your skipper! Regardless of previous plans, it is Mother Nature or the weather that has the final say – and depending on them, the skipper makes the final decision!

Do not carry too much luggage or rigid suitcases, and always consult a skipper when you need to put something outside your cabin. Due to space limitations, it is extremely important not to overdo it by buying large quantities of groceries and to be careful about neatness.

Respect and follow the arrangements for departure time. Keep in mind that there is only one crew on board, so if the skipper asks you to do something – listen to him or her.

Crew drinking wine on sailing yachtOffer a skipper at the helm with a drink, a sandwich, reward him with kindness and a smile – he will surely repay it to you many times over!

Dreaming of seven carefree days under sails, surrounded by the most beautiful sea sights in the world? The decision should be easy – rent a yacht charter with skipper or a skippered charter in Croatia, the “nautical jewel of the world”.

After that, you just need to untie the ropes and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing blue of the experience that surrounds you.

Croatia Yacht Charter With Skipper Explained in 7 Easy Steps - Infographic

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