Your Family’s Next Great Adventure: Cruising to Croatia in Spring or Autumn

By Alicia Rennoll

Few things in life are as fulfilling as a pleasant family vacation. A cruise or boat trip to the Adriatic or Mediterranean sea may give your family lasting memories. While many families traditionally plan their vacations for the summer or holiday seasons, Croatia is one of those destinations where a visit during the spring or autumn is equally pleasant. Find out why families should try to cruising to Croatia in the spring and autumn instead of the summer.  

The Prices Are Rock Bottom

Part of the thrill that comes from travelling during the peak season is that there are lots of like-minded visitors in that period. The June-August period is a fun season in Croatia. Ports like Har and Korcula are usually teeming with peoples and the harbors are full of ships. You would be hard-pressed to find a vacant lot on beaches like Makarska. However, in the summer months, the forces of demand and supply connive to make travel and accommodation very expensive. You would usually pay more for flight tickets, hotels, cruise ships, and boat trip prices compared to the spring and autumn seasons. It is not rare to find that hotel prices in the summer are double what they were in April-May or September-October periods. You therefore stand to save more on your trip if you visit in the spring or autumn.

Safer for The KidsChildren on sailbot with life vests - Orvas Yachting Croatia

During family vacations, parents usually fuss about the safety of their kids, and for good reason. Over the past few years, there have been a number of reported incidents of children accidentally drowning (none of them in Croatia) on cruise swimming pools. Risks to child safety on cruise ships tend to be amplified in the summer when the ships are overcrowded. Due to the sheer number of people, the kids are harder to monitor and there is a real possibility of being separated. There are are also more strangers to watch out for on crowded ships. In the spring and summer months, ships are less crowded and the family is more likely to enjoy the cruise without undue stress.

Enjoy Incredible Weather

Croatia does not experience the extreme temperatures that are a mainstay in many parts of America and Western Europe. Yet the country also has its fair share of hot summers. Visiting in the spring is your best shot at enjoying relatively cool weather. The first cruise journeys of the year in Croatia usually set off in April. Temperatures in April-May average 13-18 degrees celsius. The rains at this time of the year have reduced and the winds are mild. Conditions at this time of the year are generally ideal for a relaxing family experience. By June, temperatures have hit 30 degrees celsius and they will continue to increase until they peak at around 40 degrees celsius in July. In September and October, temperatures have fallen once again presenting your family another opportunity of enjoying your vacation without heat stress.

Many people traditionally take their family vacation in the summer and Croatia is one of the most popular destinations during this time. There are, however, compelling reasons why you should consider taking the vacation in the spring or autumn. Low travel costs, favorable weather, and safety considerations make it worthwhile to consider visiting in the spring and autumn.

Featured image – Photo by Sheila Jellison on Unsplash

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