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Laws and regulations of sailling in Croatia

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At least one person on the vessel must possess valid nautical (skipper's) and VHF licence.

A skipper’s licence is a proof that the person in charge of the boat is capable of sailing it and has the knowledge required for tourist navigation, sailing safety, elementary engine mechanics, meteorology, fire protection and also has a radio operator’s certificate for the boat’s VHF set.

Navigational and VHF licences, in Croatia, are issued by Port Authorities.

If your licence is issued in a foreign country, please check whether it's valid for Croatian territorial waters as well.

Download the list of valid licenses issued by Croatian Ministry of Sea.

In addition to the original skipper's and VHF license when taking over the vessel, you must also have a certified crew list on board (crew list). We will give it to you during the check-in process.

In case some changes in the crew occur during the sail, you must notify us immediately so we could make a new list.