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Jelsa - Bol (Brač) - Cove Blaca (Brač) - Milna (Brač)

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Day 13

Bol is the oldest town on Brač and one of the most renowned tourist destinations on the Adriatic. It is situated in the central part of the southern side of the island, below the Bolska Kruna range and Vidova Gora - the highest peak of the Adriatic islands. The coastline of Bol is God-given for relaxation, for its many niches of peace and comfort.

The area is characterized by beautiful beaches, the most famous of which is Zlatni rat. Zlatni rat is the most beautiful beach on the Adriatic and a unique natural attraction. The gravelly cape is a unique natural phenomenon - spanning over half a kilometer into the sea, its shape and angle continuously shift according to the will of the waves and sea currents.

Uvala Blaca, once a famed Glagolitic hermitage, and later an observatory, is located on the eastern slopes of the valley at the south side of Brač; between Bol and Milna. It was first populated in the 15th century by Poljica Glagolitic monks fleeing Turkish invasion, and developed by their hands from a stonewalled cave to a full-fledged monastery with a church and a trading port. All through the 18th century it grew into one of the most culturally and economically advanced areas of the island. With the death of the last of its keepers, priests of the Miličević family, in 1962, this small hermitage came to an end.

The cove of Blaca is exposed from the south, and extra tieing up to the shore is recommended. Milna is the most protected as well the most beautiful port on the island of Brač. Protected from stronger winds and refreshed by the maestral wind of summer afternoons, it is the ideal haven for people and boats alike.

Milna is situated at the bottom of a spacious cove at the western coast of Brač. Crystal blue sea, shades of centennial pine forests, sunlit facades built of Brač stone, ideal diving conditions, domestic and healthy food - all the reasons for coming to this beautiful Mediterranean town.

There is a large selection of excellent fish restaurant, pizzerias and many caffe bars in Milna, situated in the immediate vicinity of the sea.

ACI marina Milna is located in the southeastern part of the Milna cove, adjacent to the town.


Day 14: Milna - Split