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Milna, situated on the island of Brač, stands out as the most protected and beautiful harbor. Its natural shield against strong winds provides a perfect sanctuary for both people and boats. Nestled at the bottom of a spacious bay on Brač's western coast, Milna boasts mesmerizing crystal blue waters, shaded by centuries-old pine forests, and adorned with sunlit facades crafted from the island's famous stone.

Milna offers an array of irresistible reasons to visit. It serves as an idyllic haven for diving enthusiasts and those seeking to savor delicious, wholesome local cuisine. The charming Mediterranean town entices guests with a wide selection of excellent seafood restaurants, pizzerias, and numerous seafront cafés.

Furthermore, the southeastern part of the bay hosts the ACI Marina Milna, further enhancing the allure of this enchanting destination. Exploring Milna presents an opportunity to indulge in relaxation, embrace the natural beauty and flavors of the Mediterranean, and truly experience the splendor of Brač island.