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Having a lot of work around the boat it could be a good idea to hire help. That is why we have a hostess service.

A hostess duties depend a lot on whether she´s alone or with skipper and other crew. Her primary responsibilities are taking care of the cleanliness and tidiness inside of the boat and if there´s no chef, she is also in charge of preparing simple meals.

She is a person who will try to do her best to make your journey comfortable and easygoing. In the morning hostess is in charge of preparing and serving breakfast. After that, she has to clean complete interior space while you and your company enjoy the sun. Keep in mind that you need to provide/buy all the necessary products for cleaning.

Very often hostess and skipper are hired in pair, which means that skipper is in charge of navigation and all exterior work while hostess would take care of accommodation and hygiene of interior space. Two of them are a team, so it means that hostess will also help a skipper on the marine or the deck of the boat if it´s necessary.

Hiring only a hostess is also an option, but then you and guests are taking over navigation and other skippers duties. Your obligation towards hostess is to provide her food and accommodation.

Having a hostess also makes things easy when it comes to groceries shopping; it is also one of her duties. She is continuously communicating with guests and she´s there to answer any of your questions or help you with any problems. Considering that hostess is a local girl and knows first-hand information, she can give you good advice about places you´re about to visit, local traditions, restaurants or events to make your charter holidays more enjoyable for you.