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7 Things to Bring With Yourself on a Gulet Cruise

So, you have booked your gulet cruise and looking forward to some sailing in Croatia. Flights are booked, the group is ready and the time of your cruise approaches. Excitement grows, so do expectations, and you are packing your luggage to hit your cruise destination. Check our list of must-have items during your gulet cruise and pack your stuff in the most useful way.

Young people in summer clothes on gulet cruise in Croatia

1.Summer clothes

Gulet charters in Croatia mostly go from late April until mid-October. In this period temperatures are mostly high enough to wear summer clothes and short sleeves in general.

Always have in mind that when going on a gulet cruise you should travel light since cabins on a boat are in general smaller than hotel rooms and have limited spaces, especially for luggage.

And whats the best, there isnt any specific kind of dress code when on board of gulet, so you can wear whatever you like. You can also interpret this as a casual Friday on steroids

2. A couple of long sleeves (especially for cruises in April/May and October)

If you are cruising in low season, whether if its in pre or postseason, you should take some long sleeves with you. To make it easier, bringing one light jacket with good wind protection should be enough.

It might also be a good idea to take one long sleeve even if you are sailing in Croatia in high season. In case of nevera (briefly lasting storm typical for summer months in Croatia), a strong wind can blow and temperature can quickly drop. In that case, youd be thankful to have something that will keep you warm.

Sun cream for sailing in Croatia

3. Your beach set

Sun cream for sailing in Croatia

By this, we mean a swimming suit, sunglasses and sun cream. We advise picking sun cream that has ingredients that prevent the appearance of stains, just to make it somewhat easier for the crew when they need to clean sunbathing cushions. Trust us, they will be grateful for this.

Sun cream is important because you will spend plenty of time on the outside, and for sure want to be protected.

Beach towels are normally provided by the gulet crew, so you dont need to carry them. However, we advise you to check this with us before you arrive.

Flip flops

4. Flip flops Flip flops

Most of the gulet captains will ask you to take off your shoes while entering the indoor spaces. Very often gulets have bright coloured carpets as part of their interior, and this is something that helps the crew to keep the yacht clean. This is also a general rule when you step on board of pretty much any crewed vessel.

Apart from that, the crew keeps the deck clean and this is much easier when you wear flip flops when on board. And this has so far proven to be one of the best options to have on your feet when being on a gulet cruise.

5. Set for personal hygiene

Even though many gulets provide toiletries similar to the ones in hotels (like small bottles of shampoo), you should take your hygiene accessories. This is particularly important if you are using some sort of special products (like for the sensitive skin).

The scenario you most definitely want to avoid is to stay without some of those, especially if you are moored in some desert bay. Make the plan before your sailing in Croatia and take care of this.

Money for costs on gulet cruise in Croatia

6. Some cash

Having some cash with you is something that is usually overlooked by gulet guests. Some costs that occur during gulet cruising are possible to be paid in cash only (like port fees in some harbours).

Also, keep in mind that food (half board or full board) is usually paid the first day (unless it was prepaid). You might also run up on some restaurant where you would like to have dinner, but they accept only cash as a means of payment.

GoPro camera

7. GoPro camera

If youre a group of active people who dont plan spend most of their time laying down and absorb the suns rays during the gulet cruise, this is a must to have with you. If you are about to do some water ski or some other adrenaline activity, youll probably want to have this recorded in the best possible way.

Videos that were taken with this type of cameras are some of the most appealing we have seen so far.


If we have forgotten something important to bring on your gulet cruising, make sure you dont. Even if you do, crew or your land support will always do their best to help you get whatever you might need. One last advice for packing your stuff for sailing in Croatia always leave some space for sweet things youll bring from Croatia to your home.


7 things to bring with yourself on a gulet cruise - infographic