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Beaches In Croatia – The Remarkable Spice Of Your Croatia Cruise

On a Croatia cruise, paradise beaches await in any direction you go.

Croatia is a country full of enchanting beaches, and it is difficult to single out the most beautiful ones. However, some beaches in Croatia with their engrossing turquoise colours are a true masterpiece of Mother Nature.

In this blog, well give you some useful tips, in case you want to visit just the most spectacular beaches in Croatia. So, lets start with your virtual Croatia cruise of the Adriatic!

Sveti Ivan Beach on the island of Cres
Source: Tim Ertl

North Adriatic start the unforgettable Croatia cruise at some of the best beaches in Croatia

Sveti Ivan Beach on the island of Cres is the most beautiful in the whole Cres-Losinj archipelago. It has a perfectly sculpted beach, native pine trees and emerald green sea.

The beach, nestle at the foot of cliffs and the fairytale Lubenice, is quite a sight. Lubenice is a medieval fortified town just above the beach, with a steep path leading towards it. Since such a climb takes about 1:30 minutes of hiking, the beach is almost exclusively visited by boaters, adding to the points for one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

However, when the west winds start to blow, it is wise to leave it as soon as possible.

Right next to it lies Zanje Bay and the Blue Cave (Plava Spilja), a sea cave sparkling with all shades of blue giving a magical experience to all explorers.

Sakarun Beach on the island of Dugi otok in Croatia
Source: Tim Ertl

Sakarun Beach (island of Dugi otok), is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. For many, such a sea landscape symbolizes a perfect sailing vacation. Specifically, this sandy beach of turquoise shades is irresistibly similar to Caribbean bays. It is simply postcard perfect.

The specific features of the bay are the numerous underwater cold springs which make it refreshing even in the highest heat. There is no shelter from the southern winds, but those blow only occasionally in the Adriatic. During the day many boats visit it, as well as island tourists.

Our recommendation is to experience Sakarun under the stars! You can tie the boat to one of the 20 available floats and enjoy a romantic evening on your boat or chill at the beach bar with a glass of your favourite drink.

Zlatni rat Beach on the Island of Brac in Croatia

Middle Adriatic visit the most popular beaches in Croatia

Zlatni rat beach on the island of Brac proudly bears its golden (i. e. zlatni) name. Namely, it is the most spectacular beach on the Adriatic. It is a cape several hundred meters long, and it changes its shape every day under the influence of wind and waves. At first glance, it may appear sandy, but actually, those are tiny white pebbles. Among them is a special type of seashell similar to the sea snail. Locals call it the stone of happiness. Legend has it that whoever finds this unique shell will be happy throughout their life!

Buoys are erected on the east side of the beach, while on its western side you should anchor. It is most convenient to visit it in the early morning when the sea is mostly calm, and the beach is not occupied by many other visitors.

Source: Wolfgang Brendel

If you get annoyed by the surrounding murmur, sail to the calm atmosphere of nearby Blace Bay. Take a walk through the pine trees to a unique monastery erected on a cliff. A visit to this unique architectural monument of the island of Brac will surely remain in your fondest memories.

Stiniva Beach (island of Vis) was declared the most beautiful beach in Europe for 2016 (source: European destinations). It used to be a cave, and nowadays bay was created by the collapse of the vault of that cave. Subsequently, the waves carried by the south winds transformed this pile of stones into a beautiful bay. Unfortunately, glory has taken its toll, and Stiniva is visited at the heart of the season by numerous inflatables and various other vessels. The coy beauty of this masterpiece of nature is hard to feel at the time. Its worth a visit in the early morning or late afternoon, though.

In case you cannot reach it due to too many other boats, sail to the western shores of the nearby island of Bisevo. There youll find the Porat Beach, listed by The Irish Times among the seven most beautiful beaches in the world

Porat Beach on the Island of Bisevo in Croatia
Source: Falco Ermert

It is certainly one of the best beaches in Croatia. It has turquoise sea colours, a rocky shoreline, a sandy beach covered with pine trees, and a small love cave perhaps the reason many associate the bay of Porat with the fondest memories of their Croatia cruise.

Source: Ilonka 1974

South Adriatic discover the most beautiful hidden beaches in Croatia

Divna Beach (Peljesac Peninsula) best describes its name meaning wonderful. A long beach made of white pebbles nests at the foot of the green slopes of the Peljesac peninsula. The turquoise colours of the sea and the islet that is easy to swim to give to its seduction. Not in the usual fairway, this hidden beach is a vision of the perfect Croatia cruise for many romantic souls. Due to the nearby campsite, youll find many people swimming there, but only a few boats anchor in the bay.

Source: Antonio Fassina

Saplunara Beach (island of Mljet) will at first glance captivate you with its beauty, whether you are watching it from the air or approaching it from the sea. According to many, it is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia. Its a long beach with several restaurants that provide mooring for the boaters. In its eastern part, there is a beach bar from which a promenade leads to another sandy pearl of the island of Mljet, Limuni Beach. Although boaters love to visit Saplunara, in this spacious bay almost every seafarer can find a quiet corner for themselves.

After you decide to rent a boat in Croatia, your long-awaited Croatia cruise can begin. It doesnt matter if you prefer sandy, pebbly or rocky beaches. It doesnt matter whether you plan to visit the best beaches in Croatia, or if you find them more attractive, those are hidden. During your Croatia cruise, you will surely find the beach of your dreams!