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Coronavirus in Croatia: Should I Cancel my Sailing Vacation?

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Coronavirus in Croatia Update-All Information in One Place

Everywhere you look there is news about coronavirus (COVID-19). In this situation, its important to inform and educate yourself through credible sources. All you need to know about coronavirus in Croatia the latest news, important information, official statements of Croatian Government, Ministry of Health and the Service of Civil Protection you can find on www. koronavirus. hr/en (official government website for accurate and verified information on Coronavirus).

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Change Your Plans and Save Your Sailing Vacation in Croatia

These days the entire world is facing challenging circumstances due to coronavirus. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all segments of our life, as well as our traveling plans. Summer is approaching and we are all wondering how long coronavirus will be a part of our lives.

You have already booked a yacht and rejoiced your sailing vacation in Croatia. But now, everything has changed and you are asking yourself: Should I cancel my reservation?

The Orvas Yachting team is aware of this exceptional situation and we have increased the flexibility of our terms to provide the best solution for our clients. Coronavirus doesnt have to ruin your sailing vacation, you can save your reservation for a later date.

The strict measures taken by the Croatian authorities to control the spreading of the virus are showing great results and we are hoping to return to our normal lives soon.

Meanwhile, we will monitor the situation with coronavirus in Croatia and keep in touch.

The Orvas Yachting team is here for all your questions! (Contact us on orvas-yachting@orvas. hr)

Note: Follow these easy steps and help prevent the spread of COVID-19

List of basic protective measures against the new coronavirus on Croatian and English language