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Croatia Travel Costs

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Planning the budget of your holiday is a tricky thing: getting the most out of your money is only possible when you have all the necessary information on the costs of your destination. Although it’s virtually impossible to enlist all costs that occur during a typical holiday in Croatia, we provide you with basic information of accommodation, transport, entertainment and food and drink (in restaurants and in supermarkets). Hopefully it will give you an idea of what to expect from Croatia in terms of travel costs.



Train transportation to coastal Croatia is somewhat limited, and trains are most often late. This makes them unpopular among tourists, except those heading to major Croatian cities. The main lines connect Zagreb with Osijek (the east of the country), Rijeka (west) and Split (south). You can get a group or a family discount of 50% for return tickets. Trains are generally cheaper than buses. You can check the timetable and ticket prices at the Croatian Railroads website.


Ferries are the most common mean of transportation from and to the islands; the tickets are affordable, and the lines are frequent during the tourist season. If you’re traveling by car and would like it transported to an island via ferry, be prepared to pay much more. Ferries connect many coastal towns with islands (Split has connections to numerous islands). You can check schedules and buy tickets online.


The most common way to travel are the buses; there are a lot of bus companies, but the prices are similar. Still, if you’re looking to save every kuna, you should compare prices and do small research. Today, many companies offer online booking.

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We’d advise against visiting in the peak of the season (July, August) if you wish to cut costs: try to go in June or September. The weather is still enjoyable, it’s not so crowded, and prices are lower. Get information about accommodation online as virtually all hotels and private accommodation providers have their websites. You can use websites with different kind of accommodation, hotel sites like Aparthotel Pharia in Hvar, websites with villas etc. In peak of the season prices can be quite high. In June and September , as we’ve already mentioned, the prices of accommodation drop significantly. In May and October you can find excellent accommodation by low prices.

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There are countless entertainment possibilities in Croatia, but most of those aimed at tourists are not so cheap. If you’re on a tight budget, we suggest enjoying swimming, sunbathing, walking and cycling. However, if you’ve got some money to spare you can enjoy jet skiing , diving, river rafting, sea kayaking, Zip lining and much more. Entrance fees for popular National Parks like Plitvice Lakes, Krka and Mljet are not cheep as well. Boat excursions vary: a one-day excursion from Split costs from 80 EUR to 100 EUR.


You can get a decent fast food meal cheaper or at the same price as everywhere in the Europe, and there are plenty of bakeries where you can get a snack for even less. But, when it comes to eating in restaurants, it’s a different story.

In cafes and bars you can find everything – coffee, soft drinks, local beers, imported beers, wine and cocktails, and prices very a lot. If you have limited budget it’s better to check prices in advance.

Forget eating out if you wish to save money: fortunately, there are plenty of supermarkets with affordable prices. Major supermarket chains in Croatia have special offers on a weekly basis. You can also check out marketplaces for fresh vegetables and fruit and fish-markets for fresh sea food.