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Guide to the Island of Brač

Brač is among the most popular islands in Croatia, visited by thousands of tourists every summer. Its proximity to Split proved to be a great advantage, as many tourists who come to Split often visit the island, either via local ferries or renting a yacht from one of the local charter agencies.

The two main tourist settlements are Supetar and Bol; each has several hotels, but the real deal is the private accommodation. Since many locals rent out rooms and apartments to tourists, it’s no problem to find a suitable and affordable accommodation. Rooms and apartments vary in size, quality, and prices, but perhaps it’s better to book several weeks earlier, as the island gets a bit crowded in the peak of the season.

Outdoor activities

The island is usually frequented by sports lovers; there are plenty of options for water-skiing, parasailing and surfing. Actually, Brač is the focal point of surfing in Croatia, thanks to suitable currents and weather conditions. Even if you don’t know how to surf, there are plenty of crash courses which will help you grasp the basics. Hiking is also popular; the highest peak of the Adriatic, the Mountain of St. Vid, offers a spectacular view of the island and the entire panorama. There are many cycling roads as well, and the bike is actually the best way to move around the island, as some of the interior roads are not suitable for cars.

Golden Horn beach on the Brac island in Croatia - Orvas Yachting

Golden Horn beach

The symbol of Brač and the place where you should start your exploration of the island is the Golden Horn beach, near the town of Bol, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world (we guarantee you’ll see it in every Croatian tourist brochure!). A lot of previously mentioned surfing takes place there, and thanks to its unique arrangements is perfectly suitable for children.

Fish and wine

The locals take great pride in their wine-making tradition, so pay a visit to one of the local wineries (there are several in each of the island’s settlements), such as Stina Winery in Bol. Wines can also be found in one of the local ‘konoba’ (taverns), where you should also try the local fish-based cuisine.

Old building on Brac island - Orvas Yachting Croatia


Supetar and Brač have several Renaissance churches and buildings. Explore the island’s history by visiting the Blaca Monastery: it was built in the 16th century by Glagothic monks who were hiding from the Ottomans. At first they found shelter in a cave near Bol, and later built a beautiful church around it. Nowadays it’s a museum with dozens of interesting artifacts, thousands of books, paintings and other pieces of art.

Another interesting site is the Dragon’s Cave, near the village of Murvica. Monks once settled the cave, carving interesting and mysterious writings and drawings in its walls. It’s a half an hour of walk through difficult terrain from the village, but you can’t go on your own: a lock door was installed to protect the cave from vandalism, so you must find a local guide to take you, which isn’t so hard as there are tours organized almost every day.