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Travel & Adventure Show - NEW YORK!

Join us in New York on Travel & Adventure Show!

This year, Orvas is excited to be a co-exhibitor at the Travel & Adventure Show in New York from January 27-28, 2024 . Join us at one of the leading travel booking and planning events in the US, where you can explore top destinations, discover the latest trends, and connect with experts who will assist you in finding, planning, and booking your dream trip. Many top travel personalities from around the globe will be here to help you choose between your favourite options. You never know; maybe you will discover new destinations you have never considered.

Suppose you have already chosen your next trip or are just planning it. In that case, this is the ideal place to find out more, from packing and travel technology tips to maximizing reward points or travelling safely.

The Travel & Adventure Show puts you face-to-face with the best international and domestic travel destinations, tour operators, cruise lines and travel providers in a relaxed environment to help you find your next trip. Since you’re speaking with the organizations directly, they can offer you the best prices.

Orvas is proud to represent Croatia and showcase all its unique advantages. We own three brands: Yachting, Villas and Experiences, which means we can cover it all for you, depending on your wishes. Feel free to approach our sales manager, Dario, who will be on Show, and find out more about us and what we can offer you. Your next unforgettable journey begins here!