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Why Gulets In Croatia Are Excellent Choice For Family-Friendly Cruises

Cruising with your family is probably one of the greatest travel experiences. However, many factors have an impact on your overall satisfaction. And when it comes to your family, you for sure want something special in many ways. Stay with us and find out why family-friendly cruises on gulets in Croatia prevail over cruising on larger ships and cruise liners.

Dinner in sunset on gulet cruise in Croatia

1. Privacy for everybody

Most often, gulets in Croatia have 3 4 crew members. Despite the fact these people will be with you during the cruise, they are trained to create a feeling of privacy, especially if its requested like that from guests on board. Apart from the obvious private spaces in cabins, deck spaces are also the place to spend some time with your loved ones. This is one of those reasons that make a difference if you really want to spend your family vacation without being affected by crowds, gulet cruising is the type of vacation that fits the bill. And whats the best it doesnt necessarily mean a higher price than other family-friendly cruises or vacation in general options. You can always contact us to find more about pricing and different cruising options.

Family sunbathing on a gulet cruise in Croatia

2. Uncommon ambient is a basis for a new experience

And we really mean it. Being on gulets in Croatia is a kind of adventure itself and creates plenty of different memories. And who is a better company for you to experience different nice things than your family?

Even some small details, like wood creaking (dont be afraid of this, its normal sound on a wooden boat) create a different feeling and atmosphere.

Being in a new place and environment is bait for everyone who wants to taste, see and feel something different. Not only that this kind of vacation is relaxing and effortless, but it can also be educational as well. Captains love to tell many stories about places you are visiting, so you can be sure of finding out many interesting facts and figures.

Crew on the gulet charter in Croatia

3. Very often gulet crew consists of family members

This is not a rule, but quite often is the case. Gulets in Croatia are indeed bread and butter for many families. Many people prefer to separate family from business, but in this kind of business, this can be the real advantage. Nobody is willing to jeopardize his/her day job, and these people will make that extra mile to meet expectations from guests they accommodate. If you have crew consisted of family members, they will for sure know how important vacation is to you and your family. What our experience has shown us so far, people simply get relaxed faster on board when theres a family crew.

4. Gulets in Croatia offer flexibility in many ways

If you have a private yacht charter on a gulet, flexibility is a significant advantage. If you are just a family of 4 or 5 or a group of couple families, there is a gulet that would fit you the best. They mostly go between 3 and 8 cabins and can accommodate both small and larger groups. Another type of flexibility is related to the route there isnt necessarily any fixed route, so you can always express your own ideas about places to be visited during the cruising period.

Family enjoying in water toys on a gulet cruise in Croatia

5. Plenty of different things to do on family-friendly cruises

When it comes to family-friendly cruises, this is an especially important thing. You want the entire family to enjoy the cruise, and to make this happen, everybody should have something interesting to do. This is one of the biggest advantages of cruising on gulets in Croatia in comparison to other types of vacations. Every gulet has a certain range of water toys that are particularly loved by kids. We guess most of the parents prefer their kids to enjoy nature and sports activities rather than being on a smartphone. And its not only about activities you are engaged in while on board, but also about land activities that can be combined and contribute to the overall experience. Luckily, the crew on the gulet, as well as land support from the travel advisor are here to advise about interesting activities you might do during the cruise.

Girls enjoying in cocktails on a cruise in Croatia

6. Safety

The question of safety is crucial when making the final decision about your vacation destination. Its a well-known fact that Croatia itself is a safe destination, but since we are speaking of boats, the matter of safety is even more important.

At the very same beginning of your cruise, the crew will advise to everyone on board some safety guidelines and explain which safety measures exist on board. What really makes you safe on board are not life vests or rafts, but the trained crew who takes care of this important issue.

To sum it up, cruising on gulets in Croatia is the type of vacation ideal for families. Considering the possibilities, experience, and pricing, on family-friendly cruises on gulets in Croatia you can have a great time without the feeling that you have overpaid it. Once we witnessed when our clients ran into the group of dolphins on the sea while 2 families were on board. Smiles on their faces and joy they felt was proof for us that this really can be something special.