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BAREBOAT general chartering terms & conditions


1. Charter price and terms of payment

Charter price includes accommodation services for guests, the use of the boat with a full fuel tank and all its equipment. The price does not include the tourist tax per person per day, port and marina berths (except the first and last day of charter in embarkation base port), the cost of fuel and other supplies during the rental period.

The client is obligated to pay 50% of the total amount within 7 days after booking confirmation, while the remaining 50% must be paid at least 4 (four) weeks before the beginning of the charter. Payments are made in cash (KN/EUR), by banker’s order or by credit card. All bank transfer’s costs are obligation of sender. The client may only take over the reserved boat under the condition that all the necessary payments have been properly made.

2. Charter Company’s obligations and responsibilities

The Charter Company is obliged to hand over the boat, seaworthy, functional, fully equipped, clean with full fuel and water tanks, legal for charter business and fully insured.

The Charter Company is obliged to hand over the vessel after 5.00 PM on the first day of the charter, and to do the check-in together with the client according to the boat’s check list. If the Charter Company is unable to make the boat available to the client in the place and at the time appointed Charter Company will provide a similar or superior boat to the client as a replacement boat.

In case of any technical problem during the journey that was caused by boat’s imperfection Charter Copmany is obligated to solve the problem within 24 hours starting from the moment of receiving the information from the client. Also, if client reports any technical problem regardless of the cause, Charter Company will do or organize technical intervention on the sea in case of need.

3. Client’s obligations and responsibilities

 The client is obliged to possess the valid license for the size and tonnage of the chosen boat required by Croatian Maritime Law and as well the VHF radio operator certificate and is obliged to show the original licenses at the reception upon arrival (legal obligation). In case that client doesn’t have a valid license, or if the Base Manager determines that the client does not have needed knowledge nor the ability to operate the vessel, Base Manager has the right to impose a professional skipper for the reason of the safety of the crew and vessel.

The client must fill the Crew List in advance or at least before departure and any change at any time must be reported to the Charter Company or to the Maritime Officials (harbor captain office).

The client is obliged to operate and use the vessel on the best possible way in the manner of a good captain and a fine guest, checking the oil and the water in the engine daily, taking care of the safety of navigation, preserving the vessel and the crew. Also, according to the contract, the client is obliged to return the vessel seaworthy and in good functional, visual and equipped condition, with full tank of fuel, empty tank of waste and at the agreed time.

The client is obliged to sail within Croatian territorial waters, any exception requires special written permission. The client promises not to rent or lend the boat to another person, not to participate in regattas and not to use the boat for commercial purposes or professional fishing.

4. Check In / Check Out procedure

Check in/out procedure is a formal act of handling over the boat, it’s not scheduled to be done late, during late sunset or at night, because of reason of bad visibility, lack of diver, office working hours, etc …

Check in time: Saturday FROM 5:00 PM (if not agreed differently)

Respect check-in time as notified in your charter contract in order to allow proper maintenance and cleaning of the yacht.

During the check-in the client is obliged to inspect the vessel seriously and report any kind of defects or missing equipment on board. Only this complaints will be taken into consideration. When the client signs the „check list“ it is considered that he is completely satisfied and informed with the technical and inventory characteristics of the boat and he is accepting the boat as it is.

Check out time: Saturday TILL 9:00 AM (all passengers with their possessions must be out of the boat by that time)

Clients should return boat back to marina base on Friday afternoon latest 5.00 PM (if not agreed differently).

The boat must be returned to the Charter Company in same condition as was taken over. All loss or damages caused by the client will be charged directly or out from the safety deposit. 

If the vessel has been returned after the Saturday’s check-out time at 09:00 h, or to another location, without previous permition or agreement with Charter Company, the penalty will be charged from the safety deposit in following ratio:

  • Up to the first three hours of delay – penalty is a ½ of the daily accommodation price
  • 3 - 5 hours of delay – penalty is a full day accommodation price
  • More than 5 hours of delay – Charter Company must contact the police and SAR, and penalty depends of caused business damage and associated costs.

5. Deposit

Depositing a Safety Deposit (by the client) is a standard operating procedure when renting a vessel. It must be deposited in cash or by credit card prior to the handover of the vessel.

The deposit is to be returned to the client in full amount after his  charter period has been completely ended and the client has been canceled, and all of that explicitly under the condition if the vessel has been returned to the Charter Company in good shape, seaworthy and with the same functional, visual and equipped state as once it has been taken over.

The deposit will only be used to cover the costs of the damage caused by the client’s fault in damaging the vessel or its equipment during the charter period, or for the loss of equipment, or the client’s avoidance of contractual obligations (e.g. returned empty fuel tank, blocked toilet, etc.), or if the client has delay in returning the boat.

If the major vessel damage happens, with higher cost than the Safety Deposit amount, the damage must be reported within 12 hours by the client to the Harbor Master and to the Insurance company and will be solved by the procedural ways (legal obligation).

Deposit cannot be returned on Friday evening if client plans to spend the night on the boat and leave the boat early in the next morning before office hours (before 8:00 AM on Saturday). In this case the charter will keep the deposit and cancel it in the morning after determining that everything is in order on boat. In this option, the security deposit must be left on the credit card. If no damage is detected during the check out, Charter Company send the copy of destroyed deposit via e-mail or fax to the client, as evidence.

6. Insurance

Boat insurance covers all maritime risks and it includes insurance toward third party.

Major damages or accidents if happens need to be immediately (12 hours) reported to Maritime Officials (Harbor Captain or Police) and to the Charter base (legal obligation), otherwise the subject case will not be admitted by the Insurance company according to the Insurance Policy Regulations. In such case, the client will be held responsible for the damage and shall be charged and treated accordingly to the law.

Minor damages (up to amount of safety deposit) when the items or equipment belonging to the boat are damaged or lost due to negligence, the insurance doesn’t cover and costs are to be covered by the Client on the spot.

Complete loss or damage on the outboard engine and dinghy (rib) are not insured.

Charter Company shall not be responsible for loss/damage of the skipper’s and crew’s private possessions.

7. Cancellation

If the client cancels the charter for any reason after booking confirmation, the client or his agent are free to find another person to take over his rights and obligations. If no replacement person can be found, the Charter Company will keep:

  • 30% of the total amount for cancellation up to 120 days (4 months) before the charter period
  • 50% of the total amount for cancellation within 60 days (2 months) before the charter period
  • 100% of the total amount for cancellation within 30 days (1 month) before the charter period

In a case the client cancels the accommodation service due to force majeure (war, riots, strikes, terrorist acts, sanitary conditions, natural disasters on a larger scale, sudden illness, serious bodily injury, interventions by the competent authorities, or other exceptional and unexpected circumstances), Orvas d.o.o. does not assume responsibility of inability to deliver paid services and the client shall not be entitled to a refund. 

8. Privacy policy

You can read our privacy policy at as a part of this T&C.

9. GDPR policy – General Data Protection Regulation

General terms and conditions of personal data processing you can read at as a part of this T&C.

10. Complains

Any eventual complaint of the client shall be taken into account only in the written form and if delivered to the Charter Company not later than 14 days after disembarkation of the client. If the client files complaint in the moment of the check-out, the complaint shall be taken into account only in the written form and if signed by the authorized person of the Charter Company. The Charter Company is obliged to send a reply to every complaint received.

All defects that happens on boat regardless of the cause must be reported immediately to the Charter Company. If the Charter Company repair the damage within 24 hours, the client has no right to any compensation. Also, there will be no compensation if the problem was caused by client’s wrong handling or misuse of the boat.

The client is expected to be cooperative and helpful in organizing and executing repair of defects on boat in the common interest. Obstruction or lack of cooperation reduces the speed and quality of problem solving.

Not knowing the sailing area, weather conditions of area, characteristics of the rented boat or not having suffice ability to operate the boat on proper way, as well as bad weather and unrealistic expectations are not a subject of complains.

11. Competence

 In the case of disagreement or dispute, a peaceful settlement will be sought. If this is not possible, the competent Court is in Split.

CREWED (gulets) general chartering terms & conditions

1/ The price includes: the charter services during the agreed cruising time, the ship’s departure from and arrival in the harbour, fuel and lubricants consumed while cruising for a daily minimum of 4 hours per a day (selected route), yacht’s crew, VAT, insurance of the ship, the crew and it’s passengers while on the boat, minimum 4 hours of generator working per day, tourist fees, complete bed linen and towels.

2/ The price excludes: food and beverages, port fees, use of water sport equipment that consumes fuel, entrance fees to national parks, special taxes to marinas to meet the client's demand, special transfers, guided tours, special demands for embarkation and disembarkation of the client, daily more than 4 hrs cruising, tips and gratuities for the crew.

3/ Payment: The agreed price is paid in two instalments. The first 50% must be paid in advance as soon as the reservation and the signatures of agreement are completed-that payment also means booking confirmation. The remaining 50% must be paid 6 weeks before the departure date.

4/ Crew list: The agent or the client must deliver the exact crew list to the company at least two weeks before the embarkation. It is not permitted to have more persons on the boat than are listed in the crew list.

5/ The cruise: Unless under a special agreement, the ships will cruise within Croatian territorial waters according to a suggested route. The captain can modify the routes in the event of bad weather conditions or in the event of it being objectively impossible to put in to a planned harbour.

6/ Food: Half board is obligatory. The price is per a person/week includes breakfast and lunch/or supper. Breakfast (approximately) from 8.00 to 9.00 hrs and lunch from 13.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs. Supper from 19.00s to 21.00 hrs. Full board includes breakfast, lunch and supper. Drinks, beverages and extra meals are paid by the client to the waiter or captain according to the given price list. Clients are not permitted to bring their own drinks and beverages onto the boat. Clients may not bring their own food on board if it is not explicitly permitted by the terms of the contract. The bar is open until 23.00 hrs. The company is obliged to equip the boat with all necessary food and beverages. All special demands must be made before cruising.

7/ In the event that the ship is unable to put out to sea, the Company will offer an alternative ship – of the same or even better quality. In the event that the alternative ship is of lower quality than the reserved one, the price will be reduced to reflect the difference in quality. The company's liability, of any kind, is limited to the cruise price. In the event that the Company is unable to provide an alternative ship, the Company may take up to 24 hrs to repair the original ship. During this time all complaints of client are not acceptable.

8/ Special discount on renting prices: by request.

9/ In the event of cancellation by the client: The Company reserves the right to levy cancellation charges as follow:

  • 30 % of the total price, if cancelled three months or more before embarkation
  • 50 % of the total price, 89 to 30 days before embarkation
  • 100 % of the total price for cancellations within 29 days prior to embarkation.

The client and Company can find an alternative arrangement with the same terms and conditions as in this agreement. The company shall not be liable for any curtailment of the holiday caused through fault or reason of the passengers. No refund shall be made in the event of curtailment of the holiday once it has commenced, however caused, nor shall the company be liable for any consequent expenses incurred as a result of curtailment. In a case the Client cancels the accommodation service in the event of force majeure or other exceptional and unexpected circumstances (e.g. war, workers’ strike, terrorist incident, natural disaster on a larger scale, sudden illness, serious bodily injury, etc.), the Client shall not be entitled to a refund.

10/ Cancellation or variation by the company: The Company reserves the right to cancel or alter the holiday arrangements should unforeseen circumstances require it. Should cancellation be necessary before embarkation, the Company will, if possible, offer an alternative holiday or will alternatively make a full refund of all money paid. The Company is obliged to end the cruise in the harbour agreed in the original planned route. In the event of badly weather conditions, the Company may end the cruise in the closest place with public transport. Company liability of any kind is limited to the cruise price.

11/ All additional payments will be pay at the end of the cruise to the captain or any representative of Company according to the price receipt.

12/ The passengers are due to hold on to the captain’s rules regarding the safety of the yacht and the well being of all passengers on board. The boat cruises only during the day - not at night. Only by an explicit arrangement with the Company or as a matter of necessity can the boat cruise during the night. Smoking below deck and in the cabins is prohibited, the passengers are obliged to abide by the Croatian rules protecting the environment as well as rules governing fishing and diving.

13/ Working time for crew is until 0.00 hrs at the latest (after that it is additional work).

14/ Note: you are on a wooden boat that some raindrops can come in. On check in crew show the clients function of toilets and in a case of throwing unacceptable objects boat may lose a lot of time in port to fix again system .That cans not a legitimate cause of complaint.

15/ Embarkation is after 5 PM on the day of arrival and disembarkation is before 9 AM on the day of departure.

16/ The agency or client is to report to the Company if clients have some malady (chronic or contagious allergies) also if clients have any dietary requirements.

17/ All remarks or suggestions can be solved by agreements with the captain or directly with Company's representative. Unresolved complaints must be made in written form before the end of the cruise or delivered to the Charter Copmany not later than 14 days after disembarkation. Not knowing the sailing area, weather conditions of area, as well as bad weather and unrealistic expectations are not a subject of complains. In the event of a dispute being taken to court, the competent court is in Split, Croatia.

18/ These booking terms and conditions are part of the contract and are accepted with signing a contract or consenting to cruise (paying after an offer or embarking on a boat without a contract, ordering a cruise with an agency, etc).