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7 days charter span doesn't suit you? Contact us!

The choice of the yacht depends entirely on your wishes and preferences and of the type of holidays you have in mind.

Before choosing a yacht answer to yourself the following questions: How many people will be on board? Does your group consist of those who can share cabins, or each person require separate cabin? Do you prefer comfort and luxury or modest conditions are acceptable? Do you want to go on holidays with family and friends or you prefer meeting new people?

In Orvas Yachting offer you can find following crewed yacht types:

  • Luxury sailing yacht – you will choose this kind of boat if you are looking for top-notch accommodation and service;
  • Luxury motor yacht – for those who are looking for comfort, luxury and speed (rentable only with crew);
  • Luxury catamaran – comfortable and very stable, ensure fast sailing too;
  • Gulet – for those who are looking for a classic boat and a bit of romantic feeling (rentable only with crew);
  • Motorsailer – similar to gulet, ideal for groups of 18+ persons;
  • Small cruise ship – if you want to experience a cruise but on a smaller scale of around 30 to 50 persons, this kind of boat is a perfect choice.