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What to do on crewed yacht charter?

Before listing many things you can do once you step on board of your crewed yacht (because it’s impossible to list all of them) you should know how special and unique this type of holiday is. There are numerous different options how to spend your time on crewed yacht and looking back, it’s wonderful to see all those feedbacks of people who spent great time during their gulet holidays.

First of all – relax

The whole idea of crewed yacht charter is about having anti-stress holiday. Knowing that you’re on board with your friends or family together with professional crew is a good basis to have a holiday to remember. We’re not going to count all the ways to relax, but lying down on sun mattresses or cushioned sofa while simultaneously drinking your favorite drinks seems like a good start to do so. In one of his articles describing Blue Cruise in Turkey, John Flinn, a freelance travel writer and the former editor of The San Francisco Chronicle's Travel section compared gulet holidays to dog’s life since “All we do every day is sleep, eat and get taken for walks”. Whether you don’t want to lift anything heavier than the fork or have the vacation with some adrenaline, crewed yacht might be the perfect choice for you.

Second – enjoy and have fun

Enjoy the food, drinks, local specialties, nightlife and all that sea can offer! Food is, together with the crew and boat condition one of the most important factors to have a great holiday. Food is served either as a half board or full board, and each crewed yacht has chef in charge of food preparing and serving. From best Turkish cheese and meze to Croatian fish and vegetables, you can be sure you’re about the try some things that you’ve never tried before. It’s crucial to state your food preferences in advance so the crew can prepare it for you the way you like it.

Crewed yachts are usually well equipped with water toys and leisure equipment, such as paddle board, canoe, water ski, donut, snorkeling and fishing equipment. Some yachts even have jet-ski or seabob. This provides you some adrenaline during your cruise and it’s a great way to have fun during the anchoring in hidden cove.

Places, landscapes and ports

This is one of the coolest things once you’re on crewed yacht. Knowing that you’re each day on a different place is amazing. Even if you see some great bays during one day trips, on board of crewed yacht you can easily overnight in your own private bay. It’s very important to think of your cruising route, so you should definitely talk about this with your travel agent and captain once you get there. Especially with the captains – always have in mind that those are the people with lot of knowledge and who are there to make you feel safe and sound.

Last but not least – use your imagination!

This is your own private place and you should definitely allow yourself only the best experience and have the best time of your life. Be opened to new adventures, places, cultures and amazing landscapes.