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Hills covered with pine forests, little stone villages situated by the seashore and limestone karst are synonyms to Brac Island.

The rich history and authentic Mediterranean nature of the island attract each year more and more people from various corners of the world, leaving them with unforgettable memories.

The magic of this place is enclosed in stone - the Brač stone used to build Diocletian's Palace in Split, White House, parliament buildings in Budapest and Vienna and many other significant buildings throughout Europe. Today in Stonemason School in Pucisca new pupils learn how to work with and in this stone. School is open for visits and we recommend you do it.

The bright white colour of the stone is one of the reasons why the sea is crystal blue.

Supetar, administrative, cultural and touristic centre of the island, is located in the northern part of Brac. Equally worth of seeing are: Mirca – small village from 16th century, Sutivan and its park of nature, Milna – the most beautiful port of the island and safe as well, Cove Blaca and impressive stone monastery built by monks in 15th century, Bol - most acclaimed tourist destinations and its Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat) beach and many other villages, towns and bays.