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The Elaphite island group is composed of eight islands and five islets, named: Daksa, Koločep (Kalamota), St. Andrija, Lopud, Ruda, Šipan, Mišnjak, Jakljan, Kosmeč, Goleč, Crkvine, Tajan and Olipa. There are also many reefs and rocks around. The group of islands is situated on the west from Dubrovnik and gives a special glare to this part of the seashore, especially at summer sunset, when they look the most wonderful.

Only Šipan, Lopud and Koločep (Kalamota) islands in the Elaphite archipelago are settled. The rest of the islands are just oasis of peace barely visited by some lone guest in search of serene seclusion.

Šipan is the biggest island of the Elaphite archipelago, off the coast of Dubrovnik. On its humble area of 15km2, 42 villas and 34 churches are located, mostly abandoned nowadays, though some are being bringing back to live. The primeval nature and wealthy, authentic Mediterranean vegetation were noticed here since time-honored times. Previously house for over 7000 people, today there are only two villages on Šipan - Šipanska Luka and Suđurađ with total population around 450, mostly elderly habitants. The reason of the decline in Šipan’s population was the crises of the 20th century. Today there are many investments on the island that may be a beginning of an upturn in the future. However, it’s still a beautiful place full of marine and land rich living, and that makes it great reason for an excursion and travel plan through this part of Adriatic.

Lopud is a very well indented, exposed to northwest winds island located between Kalamota and Šipan. This is the most popular island in the Elaphite archipelago, primarily due to the marvelous Šunj beach. The whole creek of Lopud is shallow, which allows to berth up to 3m deep.

Koločep is the smallest of the Elaphite islands. It is the closest one to Dubrovnik and is like a dream at your fingertips.