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Stunning nature and conducive historical conditions have made the area around Hvar Island an especially alluring part of the Adriatic shore. The present form of the island is a result of many different civilizations that has lived there from the earliest centuries and influenced the ambient environment, creating layer upon layer of cultural history. Nowadays Hvar Island is spotted with abiding symbols and covered in a dense network of monuments. Hvar Island has larger number of sunny days than any island in the Adriatic.

For many centuries it has been the shelter for many people, since Neolithic Mediterranean builders, through the Hellenists who settled the towns of Hvar (Pharos in the past), the Romans-builders of its harbours and towns, to the later eras, when the island set an example of cultural and artistic development.

Lately, the island has again appeared on the cultural map of the Mediterranean Sea, and has become the pick summer resort. The Traveller magazine placed it on the list of ten most beautiful islands in the world. Hvar Island has a spirit, a palpable atmosphere filled with the smell of lavender, sage, rosemary, heather, mint, myrtle, thyme and numerous other herbs which fertile soil. The island is full of life. This is a place where the Sun feels at home.

There is no need to travel far to experience the fullness of life – all you need is to sail from one creek to another around Hvar. Hvar Island is evidence that you can fulfill your dreams, or rather that the real world can be like one from a dream.