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The Korčula Island is called to be a jewel of the Adriatic Sea. The island is serrated by several isles and inlets, and a typical hallmark of the island is its thick vegetation. On all sides, you can take pleasure in swimming on countless beaches, diving in a deep blue world of the sea.

The city Korčula is a multifunctional center of the island, still being one of the best retained cities dating back to the Middle Ages in the Mediterranean. Something exceptional, that you can see only on this beautiful island, is Moreška, one of three chivalrous dances danced within Korčula. Korčula is also claimed to be the place, where one of the greatest traveler in the history, Marco Polo, was born. The house of his birth is situated in the center of the old town.

The area of Vela Luka, on western side of the island of Korčula, has archaeological signs of human residence dating back to the Old Stone Age - 20,000 B.C. This area has been inhabited by the Illyrians, Romans and Slavs and the soil has been cultivated since 18th century. Vela Luka is situated at the end of a gulf of almost 10 km length, offering great refuge from the elements. There are many trips from here, mainly to the ambient islands, such as the well-known Proizd and Ošjak.