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The island of Lastovo is a part of an archipelago called with the same name, which contains of 46 isles and reefs. The human history of this island dates to the ancient Illyrians. Present population is around 800, which is quite a stable number even during the season, in contrast to some other islands in the Adriatic.

The biggest advantage of Lastovo, as a touristic destination, is its primeval nature, original Mediterranean architecture and the omnipresent peace and quiet. Lastovo offers numbers of possibilities to spend an active holiday, such as cycling, hiking through the slopes of the hills, diving and trips to the many encircling isles.

Zaklopatica is a creek on the north of Lastovo island, 2km to the west from Lastovo. You can berth both close to the shore, which is suggested for small boats and in the center of the cove, where it reaches the depth of 15m. Partially closed by an isle, the accesses to the cove are from 1m to 7m deep. Zaklopatica is an ideal point to start exploring amazing natural environment of Lastovo island.

Skrivena Luka, which means "hidden port", is accurately called for its location and environs, clear to anyone who approaches it from the sea. Located on the southern part of Lastovo, it allows berthing in the middle of its cove, where it’s up to 15m deep. Due to the natural structure it perfectly protects from all winds.