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The island of Vis is the right place for everyone who looks for the unique and real Mediterranean spirit and way of living. An exceptional cultural and historical background, clear blue sea; wonderful, quiet beaches, and a lot of little coves and isles will steal your heart.

The whole history of Vis is connected to fishing, growing grapevine and wine production. The most reputable genuine white wine is the well known Vugava of Vis, which you can try in lots of restaurants and wine cellars on the island.

There are many remains of human activities conducted since decades. Empty barracks, mines and underground tunnels even 70 km long - all of these and more create a mysterious, undercover labyrinth. You can find here a military marine tunnel called "Lobster" 100m long - Parja hideway and refuge submarines and military ships.

Vis, on the east, and Komiža, on the west of the island, are tho most popular towns and ports. Vis is a beautiful and picturesque city. In Vis is the only one gas station for boats on the island. Komiža is claimed to be the home of fishing in the Adriatic, which is certified by the Fishermen's museum in the town. The unique in the world fishing ships from Komiža are called falkuša and characterized by special wooden construction.

Close to Vis, a little heaven island called Biševo rises from the sea. It is famed for its stunning sandy beaches, amazing marine life and unique natural phenomena. The coastline of Biševo is spotted with many caves, with the most recognizable of them called the Blue Cave in the Balun cove. The underwater entrance allows the daily sunshine and the light of noon to penetrate the cave and reflect from the white rock bottom, illuminating the cave in marvelous shades of green, silver and blue.