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The Northern tour is best known for its numbers of caves and stunning rope walls. It covers the part of North Dalmatia and Kornati National Park. This route gives the perfect combination of amazing diving spots with beautiful little Dalmatian ports and beaches. Northern Dalmatia is a bit isolated from the mainland, which caused the preservation of its original beauty. The area incl udes islands Dugi otok, Molat, Ist, Premuda, Silba, Olib, Sestrunj, and Rivanj.

After leaving marina of Sukošan we will be heading island Molat with one swim stop. The ship overnights in Molat’s port and on the second days continues the cruise to the island of Premuda. In the surrounding of the island there is a cave system, offering amazing dives for both beginners and advanced divers. The intricacy of these caves gives a possibility for even two dives down there.

After the overnight in Premuda the ship stays in this area for extra day. Without any doubts Premuda is the best and the most astonishing island of North Dalmatia for diving. After two dives around Premuda island the ship cruises toward the islands of Ist and Molat. Usually this night is dedicated to night-dive in the bays on these islands.

During the third day of the trip it is planned to dive around islands of Ist, Molat and northern side of Dugi otok. The ship overnights in one of the ports of mentioned above islands. During the fourth day it is planned do dive around Dugi otok or island Sestrunj and Rivanj. Depending on the weather, the ship would cruise from Dugi otok toward National Park Kornati.

Usually the ship stops for diving around Mežanj, which has a very well known cage, starting on around 10 m of depth and ending on 40 m. Second possibility is to dive around Sestrunj and Rivanj. The most interesting spot here is the flow of Sestrunj channel with a max. depth of 30 m. Here it is possible to reach up to 2 miles within 30 minutes of total immersion time. This place is destined for rather well experienced divers. There is also one new spot around the island of Sestrunj - ''Ledenik'' wrack, sunk few years ago, lying on 20 m. The depth makes it a great place for beginning divers, but it is also nice spot for experienced ones. The ship is around 50 m long.

Last two days are reserved to dive around National Park Kornati, precisely in the northern part of the park. The ship overnights on island Levrnaka.

The trip ends on Friday evening in marina Dalmatia in Sukošan. For the next morning it is planned to departure.

The North Route is primarily planned for diving groups, but it can be changed due to guests’ preferences. In that case, plan of such a route would cover bigger number of islands that may not be interesting for divers, but have a lot of sandy beaches and beautiful bays, attractive for other visitors. In a case of bad weather conditions, the captain has the right to change the tour. Guests will be anyway informed about eventual changes on first day. They can always propose to captain other solutions.