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South rout covers area from Zadar to the island Šolta, situated close to Trogir and Split. Šolta has some of the best opportunities for diving in central part of Dalmatia, especially considering its deep walls. During the first day of the trip you will cruise toward Tribunj, where you’ll dine. On the way there’ll be one swim stop. Tribunj is situated close to Šibenik and it is usual fishing port. The major part of the village is situated on an island and it is linked to the main land by astone bridge.

The second day you willl continue cruising toward south – during this cruise you can dive twice. Second diving place takes places around Smokvica island, situated near Rogoznica. Rogoznica is a little settlement on the coast where ship overnights. After the night in Rogoznica, the trip continues toward Šolta. The first diving spot is around Orud island and second diving one is a little rock Kamičići near Maslinica on the island Šolta. It is an exceptional and calm Dalmatian settlement with a little castle. The ship overnights in Maselnica and in the morning next day continues back to the north.

First diving stop on the way back to Zadar is situated close to the island Šolta and the second one on the island Muljica close to Rogozinca. After these two dives ship overnight in Primošten, which is an unique place and popular choice of many visitors. Part of this side is stated on Unesco World Heritage List. Then, the ship continues the cruise toward Vodice, a tourist spot full of entertainment and nightlife. In the area there are some spots worth seeing, i.e. Sokol island, northern part of Kaprije island or the wrack ˝Francesca di Rimini˝. The wrack especially protected and diving on it are organized by the Najada club. After Vodice, the ship tends the national park Kornati. This park has a few places with beautiful underwater walls. Commonly we dive around the Panitula and Balun islands and oversleep on the island of Levrnaka. After the meal in Kornati, the ship leaves to Sukošan, when we arrive on Friday evening. Another possibility for this journey is to spend two last days in the surroundings of island Žirije, a place of deep walls and one little fish wrack. Visibility of sea provides extraordinary mamories. Diving sites of South route: island Sokol (40m wall with lobsters), northern part of Kaprije (wall 20 to 45m with holes inside), Francesca di Rimini (44-55m high wrack from the Second World War), ‘’Ice cream cup’’ on island Šolta (stone in a shape of acup, on 40m), rock Bačvice close to Žirije (wall up to 60m and a fishing wrack on 40m), Bakul (very deep wall near Žirije), Orud (wall with an entrance and a lot of sponges), Tara (fishing-ship wrack on 20 m), Smokvica (deep wall with corals and sponges), etc.