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One way DUBROVNIK - SPLIT route:

Dubrovnik - Ston - Korčula - Stari Grad (Hvar) - Šćedro - Vis - Biševo - Brač - Split / Trogir


Day 1: Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is the city of a unique political and cultural history. It is world famous cultural heritage and beauty and one of the most attractive and famous cities of the Mediterranean. There is a lot of other opportunities, such as shopping, quality restaurants, night life, casinos, etc. After getting aboard, the yacht will take us to Ston (town on Pelješac peninsula). There is a fortress that is still standing in its almost original shape. You can find a lot of other interesting things there: the longest (5 km) and the best preserved city wall in Europe, salt factory since Roman time that is still operating, you can taste fresh shells and other sea food, etc.

Day 2: Korčula

After spending a night in Ston, we will sail towards Korčula island. Before entering Korčula harbor, we will anchorage in front of a small Island of Badija (in the middle of Korčula archipelagos) to enjoy swimming and have a lunch. There is an old stone monastery, beautiful beaches, restaurant, etc. In the afternoon we will moor in marina in center of Korčula town. There are perhaps even more legends, tales and monuments on this island than anywhere else.

Day 3: Stari Grad (Hvar), Šćedro

When you wake up, we will be on our way to Hvar Island. Lunch will be served on another cute, charming island of Ščedro near Hvar. You will have time for yourself there, for swimming, scuba diving, Jet Ski or some other activity. Around 05:00 pm, we will moor on Hvar Island in some quiet bay. You can go sight seeing in Hvar – beautiful town with a long and rich history. Supper in restaurant or aboard. During summer time Hvar has rich night life.

Day 4: Vis

After we mooring in Vis harbor we recommend you to go for a walk or rent a scooter and explore this beautiful island. There is very good restaurant on the top of the island, where you can sence relaxed domestic atmosphere, taste roasted lamb and vegetable from local green farms. There are plenty of natural pebble beaches on Vis and sea is extremely clean. The Island of Bisevo is very close to island of Vis. It has many caves and the most popular one is the Blue Cave (Modra špilja) with entrances both above and below sea level. When the sea is calm the light diffracts and paints the interior of the cave blue.

Day 5: Brač

After having breakfast we will reach Brač island (we will anchor in hidden bay so that you can have a time for yourself). In the evening, we will enter deep bay of Milna – beautiful, small, Mediterranean town. The island of Brač is known for its high quality stone mines since ancient time. There is a strong masonry tradition there that lasts for centuries, which you can notice on remarkable traditional architecture.

Day 6: Split / Trogir

The best recipe for relaxation is continuing. In the late afternoon we will sail into Split / Trogir where you can feel the real Mediterranean. The old town of both Split and Trogir are protected by UNESCO.

Day 7

The yacht will spend a night in a Split / Trogir marina. You will be kindly asked to leave the ship by 9:00 am in the morning, so we can prepare her for new tour. We suggest you to, after disembarking, stay for a few days on the coast and enjoy in magic Trogir, Split, Omiš and surrounding.