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Our range of options includes diferent activities and excursions in Dalmatia.

Excursions take you from Split to small towns nearby famous for their historical heritage, now unique tourist attractions, such as Trogir, Solin (ancient Salona), Klis, Omiš, Rijeka, or to national parks like Krka National Park and Plitvice National Park, or to nature exploring hikes.

Or, you can take part in some of special group or individual activities in Dalmatia.

  • Canyoning is one of the newer adventure activities, allowing you to explore the phenomena and mysteries of unspoiled nature. Walk, jump, swim, abseil and climb through canyons, facing challenges and pumping adrenaline.
  • Canoeing – as opposed to rafting, paddling down a river in canoes lets guests control the canoes on their own, with instructions from guides following them in kayaks.
  • Rafting is a sport in which boat crews tackle the obstacles along certain sections of the river.
  • Zipline Tour – It consists of steel wires across which you go down in a harness. Tour in Omis involves a short walk, training on polygon, getting to know the Zipline, and going down by the wires. A group of 10 guests pass this polygon, accompanied by two guides, within 3 hours.
  • Paint Ball is a very popular sport. The aim is to hit members of the opposing team with small plastic balls filled with paint, on a marked playing area, and capture their territory, flag or fort. And there are many more activities, such as horse riding, trekking, hiking and rock climbing.

After an active day, you and your team can relax completely on family-run farms and homesteads, where you can familiarise yourself with life as it was long ago. You can help cook using traditional methods, drink wine straight from wooden barrels and learn to play traditional games, like the local form of bowls. We are sure we have given you some great ideas for rewarding yourself and your partners. Enjoy in your sailing holidays and getting a fuller picture of the charms of Dalmatia!