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10 Days Historical Heritage Sailing Tour

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10 Days Historical Heritage Sailing Tour

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Split - Vis - Blue Cave - Komiža - Milna - Prženjaci - Zaklopatica - Korčula - Polače - Podškoj - Šipan - Dubrovnik

  • DURATION: 10 days
  • DEPARTURE PORT: ACI Marina Split
  • ARRIVAL PORT: Dubrovnik Port


  • Sail across: 210 nm in 10 days
  • Dream in: 7 marinas, 3 bays
  • Discover: 10 islands, 7 ancient cities, 1 national park, 1 park of nature, 2 caves, 1 geopark


Day 1:  

ACI Marina, Split - Vis (Island of Vis), 30nm

We will leave the 1700-year-old city of Split behind us, and after a little bit of sailing, enjoy our first refreshing dip in the sea of the turquoise bay of Krušica, which embellishes the northern shores of the island of Šolta. If we are blessed with typical summer weather conditions, the afternoon Maestral will make sailing through the Vis Channel a leisurely breeze, and we will then sail into the first Greek colony of the Adriatic – the town of Vis full of wonderful impressions. The striking lighthouse on the islet of Host, one of the most beautiful Adriatic promenades, fairy-tale stone houses and the green peninsula of Prirovo outline the beauties of this Adriatic pearl. On the latter peninsula, a picturesque monastery of St. Jerome (16th c.) was erected on the remains of a Roman theater, constituting the most striking symbol of the town of Vis. After mooring the boat on the waterfront, we will start walking through the streets of Vis, thus beginning our journey into the distant past... We will have dinner at the restaurant ‘Val’, on the open terrace, under fourteen palm trees.    

Day 2:  

Vis (Island of Vis) – Blue Cave (Island of Biševo) – Komiža (Island of Vis), 22 nm  

With the first rays of sunshine, we will sail under the steep cliffs embellishing the northern shores of the island of Vis, and then direct our boat towards the Blue Cave on the island of Biševo. After blending in with the mesmerizing blueness, we will choose the outer shores of this small but true offshore island as our destination for a swim and a light lunch. This is where the turquoise sandy bay – the Biševo Port is located, listed by the renowned Irish magazine The Irish Times as one of the seven most beautiful beaches in the world. In the afternoon, we will sail towards the oldest fishing village of the Adriatic – Komiža. The steep slopes beneath which this picturesque village with its colorful stone houses and an equally picturesque port is nested outline the beauty of Komiža. We will walk through its narrow streets and feel the vibe of the locals. We will visit the Fishermen's Museum and the Church of St. Nicholas on a hill which is the first to draw the visitors' eye. For centuries, on St. Nicholas' Day (December 6th), the locals have been making offerings to their patron, that is, burning an old wooden ship, praying for a merciful sea for all seafarers in the upcoming year. Having absorbed at least some of Komiža's distinctive local spirit – we will spend the evening in the fishing atmosphere of the family tavern 'Bako'.       

Day 3:  

Komiža (Island of Vis) – Milna (Island of Hvar), 26 nm  

We will spend the morning on the southern shores of the island of Vis, which, as part of the Geopark Vis Archipelago, are protected by UNESCO. We will visit the bay of Stiniva, voted the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2016, as well as the Green Cave on the island of Ravnik and the turquoise lagoon on the island of Budikovac, and then choose the sandy bay of Zaglav on the island of Vis as our destination for a swim. In the early afternoon, we will direct our boat towards the natural satellites of the town of Hvar – the Pakleni Islands. We will sail through this attractive archipelago consisting of 21 islands, islets and cliffs, representing one of the most beautiful parts of the Adriatic Riviera, and tie our boat to a buoy in the nearby bay of Borče (Milna), which is nested on the southern shores of the island of Hvar. The uninhabited bay of Borče is embellished by steep cliffs, beautiful pebble beaches, green indigenous vegetation and the 'Caribbean' shades of the sea. A short boat ride from our boat to the first-class fish restaurant 'Kotin' will surely be an experience to remember. After dinner, we will arrange transportation to and a tour of one of the most beautiful towns of the Adriatic – the town of Hvar. Lovers of cultural and historical heritage will surely be delighted by Hvar's theater, the oldest theater in Europe, the 'stranded' Hvar marketplace which was once a port used by Greek ships, the imposing fortress of Španjola as the city's central defense tower, and plenty of other gems of Hvar not mentioned here.     

Day 4:  

Milna (Island of Hvar) – Prženjaci (Island of Korčula), 20 nm  

We will sail across the 12 nm-wide Korčula Channel and anchor on the northern side of the island of Proizd. This small island is safe from being invaded by sailors by its insufficiently protected anchorages. However, we will use the morning hours of the calm sea to blend in with the enchanting shades of the sea and swim to perfectly sculpted stone pebbles. We will take a walk and sunbathe on 'ironed' white stones, and then, surrounded by the sound of crickets and the scent of indigenous Mediterranean vegetation, leave this little earthly paradise before the afternoon Maestral begins. We will set sail towards the southern shores of the island of Korčula and the small islands of Prženjaci. The spacious lagoon with the alluring colors of the sea, several beautiful beaches, a few seasonally populated houses and the attractive shallow passage between the islands will entice us to spend the night there. Preparing dinner on board under the stars will be made easy for us by the previously designed lunch packages we will bring from the restaurant ‘Kotin’.       

Day 5:  

Prženjaci (Island of Korčula) – Zaklopatica (Island of Lastovo), 18 nm  

Day 5 will be dedicated to the exploration of the island of Lastovo. Lastovo is an offshore island, wild and isolated in winter, while in summer it becomes an island of music, but also an island of longing for tourists looking for a Robinson-style experience as it does not lose its local identity. As part of a Nature Park, Lastovo also proudly boasts 46 smaller uninhabited islands, and we will sail through the green maze that the latter form with the western shores of this proud island. We will anchor in the most beautiful bay of Lastovo – the bay of Kremen. It is embellished by pine trees whose branches descend almost to the sea, as well as by incredibly beautiful shades of the sea, but also by a military tunnel of the former JNA, which is open for sightseeing. We will spend the night on the northern shores of the island, in the bay of Zaklopatica, yet another masterpiece of nature. In fact, as its name implies – this circular bay is almost completely enclosed by a small islet as a natural breakwater. We will arrange transportation in time from the bay to the town of Lastovo, which is located in the interior of the island and is 2 km away. We will visit the town boasting unique architecture and characteristic chimneys, and climb the Lastovo fortress, which offers a spectacular view of the surrounding islands and sea channels. After we return to Zaklopatica, the restaurant 'Augusta Insula' with its small marina will make sure our boat is safe, as well as that we experience another culinary highlight.       

Day 6:  

Zaklopatica (Island of Lastovo) – Korčula (Island of Korčula), 23 nm  

We will start the day equipped with a mask and snorkel, that is, exploring the shallow, turquoise passage between the islands of Češvinica and Stomorina, which also constitute a part of the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park. We will sail across the Lastovo Channel and around the eastern cape of the island of Korčula, and after a slalom between 20 attractive islands and islets – popularly called the Korčula isles – anchor under Badija, the largest island of the archipelago, where, in addition to the striking Franciscan monastery, there is also a sports and recreation center where the world-renowned Kostelići skiers performed fitness training. A pine tree shadowed promenade winds around the entire island, and deer reside there as well, so we will be sure to open our eyes wide. We will spend the night in the town of Marco Polo, i.e. in the Aci Marina Korčula. This fortified town whose walls, towers and the whole scenery leave no one indifferent is like a place from a bygone era. The historical core, whose layout is reminiscent of a fishbone, fragrant stone streets where joyful locals often sing, a well-thought-out gastronomic offer, and the Moreška knight game outline the distinctiveness of the town of Korčula. Dinner will be organized in the tavern ‘Maha’, which is 8 km away and which will tell us the gastronomic story of the region in the most authentic way.     

Day 7:  

Korčula (Island of Korčula) – Polače (Island of Mljet), 18 nm

The sandy beach of Bilin Žal is nested at the foot of a picturesque hill on which the town of Lumbarda hides. We will choose this bay as a destination for a morning dip in the sea, wait for the wind to start blowing and then set sail towards the largest and safest port of Mljet – Polače. The port is not visible from the sea as it is protected by 4 green and interconnected islands making sailing into this ancient Roman port a unique experience. We will moor our boat on the waterfront in front of the restaurant 'Stella Maris', visit the remains of the old Roman palace and tour this 'green island' before dinner starts. Mljet has earned its epithet green primarily thanks to its wooded western part, which is also a national park. Its main symbols are its natural phenomena – the Large Lake and the Small Lake. We will depart from Polače to the lakes which are 3 km away by organized transportation (van), and take a swim in the 'natural jacuzzi' created due to the presence of tidal streams where the Small and the Large Lake merge. We will sail on a regular shipping line to a small islet with a Benedictine monastery, which perfectly complements the beauty of this National Park. On request, we will rent bikes or kayaks in order to get to the aforementioned islet from Polače.    

Day 8:  

Polače (Island of Mljet) – Bay of Podškolj (Island of Mljet), 18 nm  

We will sail in the direction of sunrise, following the northern shores of Mljet. We will pass by the small, picturesque village of Kozarica and anchor in the eastern branch of the bay of Prožura, where the steep, green slopes and the sea seem to merge, with the colors surrounding us taking on enchanting tones. After a refreshing dip in the sea and a light lunch, we will continue our sailing symphony. We will spend the night in one of the most attractive destinations on the island of Mljet – the bay of Podškolj. We will tie our boat to a buoy in the turquoise, shallow passage between the islands of Veliki and Mali Školj and the eastern shores of Mljet, only to dive into the underwater microcosm of Mljet, which the famous French explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau declared one of the most beautiful in the world. We will spend the evening on the open terrace of the restaurant 'Stermasi', while the helpful hosts will serve us some Mljet specialties, and we will enjoy the spectacular view reaching across the sea, the Elaphite Islands, and all the way to Dubrovnik.     

Day 9:  

Bay of Podškoj (Island of Mljet) – Port of Šipan (Island of Šipan), 13 nm  

We will sail around the eastern cape of the island of Mljet, leaving the picturesque Limuni beach on the left as sailing into it is not possible due to its shallow entrance, and finally anchor in the sandy bay of Saplunara. Depending on preferences, we can take a walk (20 min) to the bay of Limuni or simply relax on the sandy beach while sipping imaginatively prepared cocktails from the nearby bar. We will sail through the Mljet Channel towards the island oasis of the Dubrovnik waters – the Elaphite Islands. We will anchor in one of the northern bays of the island of Jakljan, where pine trees literally kiss the sea, thus offering a range of colors, from dark green to cobalt blue. We will spend the night at the Port of Šipan – the favorite vacation spot of Dubrovnik lords, which, just like the entire surrounding archipelago, has been spared of mass tourism. We will visit the summer residence of the Sorkočević family, the church of St. Stephen and the Rector's Palace, and have dinner at one of the best taverns of the Adriatic – 'Kod Marka'. On request, we will organize a bicycle excursion to the village of Suđurađ, which is 6 km away and whose most striking symbols are its two towers used as a defense against pirates.    

Day 10:  

Port of Šipan (Island of Šipan) – Dubrovnik, 23 nm  

We will anchor in a small lagoon with bright colors, enclosed by the northern shores of the island of Šipan and the miniature island of Mišnjak. As only a few charter boats usually anchor there, there is most often an intimate atmosphere. We will sail through the Koločep Channel as the magically beautiful archipelago of the Elaphite Islands – Šipan, Lopud and Koločep – harmoniously appears on our right. If we have enough time, we will sail under the imposing walls of Dubrovnik, absorbing the beauty of the most beautiful city of the Adriatic. In the evening, we will sail into the lively port of Gruž and embark on a tour of this fortified Croatian primadonna.