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14 Days Family Sailing Tour

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14 Days Family Sailing Tour

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Split - Sičenica Bay - Skradin - Potkućina Bay - Žut - Telašćica Nature Park – Piškera - Vela Stupica Bay - Maslinica - Komiža - Blue Cave - Vis - Prženjaci - Skrivena Luka - Pomena - Korčula - Milna - Split

  • DURATION: 14 days
  • DEPARTURE PORT: ACI Marina Split
  • ARRIVAL PORT: ACI Marina Split


  • Sail across: 344 nm in 14 days
  • Dream in: 10 marinas, 4 bays
  • Discover: 16 islands, 7 ancient cities, 3 national parks, 2 parks of nature, 2 caves, 1 geopark


Day 1:

ACI Marina Split – Bay of Sičenica (land), 21 nm  

Upon departure, we will leave the outlines of the city of Split behind us and sail under the votive church of seafarers – Our Lady of Prizidnica – on the nearby Čiovo peninsula. We will become one with these uninhabited shores which are embellished by rocky cliffs adorned by the indigenous Mediterranean vegetation, and continue our voyage towards the sunset. If we set sail on time, for our first date with the refreshing, turquoise sea we will choose the bay of Stari Trogir. We will anchor at the foot of the ruins of the Roman villa Rustika, which served as a shelter and a dock for the ancient Romans and spend the night in the nearby bay of Sičenica. We will tie our boat to one of the few buoys set up there, and have dinner in the tavern ‘Lanterna’ on the open terrace right by the sea. This tavern is characterized by a beautiful ambiance enriched by low stone walls, wooden tables and fishing nets. The offer includes fish and meat dishes that are just as delicious as they are aesthetically pleasing.    

Day 2:  

Bay of Sičenica (land) – Skradin (Krka National Park), 28 nm  

We will leave Diomede’s Cape, a holy place for seafarers, on our right, and then also the indented Rogoznica port and the picturesque Primošten peninsula, only to anchor in the bay of Magarna. This bay, where it seems as though the green pine trees are kissing the sea, is situated on the southeastern shores of the peculiar island of Zlarin. After a swim and a light lunch, we will head to the unique Krka National Park. At the very entrance to the Channel of St. Anthony, our gaze will surely be drawn to the fortress of St. Nicholas, one of the strongest maritime fortresses of the Adriatic, protected by UNESCO. We will then notice the silhouette of the city of Šibenik, the unique landscapes of its windy bay, the vast Prokljan lake and, as a cherry on top – the fairy tale town of Skradin. This picturesque town is situated at the mouth of the Krka river, where the ancient Romans also tied their galleys two thousand years ago. The surrounding nature is so magical that you can hear simultaneous sounds of crickets and frogs. We will tie our boat at the ACI marina Skradin, where the swans are likely to welcome us and serve as proof of why the historical town core has been declared a protected cultural monument. Families with young children will visit a creatively 'tailored' children's park just outside the town center. We will organize a short tasting of prosciutto and wine in the oldest tavern in Croatia – the tavern ‘Mate’, opened back in 1958. We will continue with this gastronomic spectacle by tasting local and unique specialties at the iconic restaurant ‘Cantinetta’.    

Day 3:  

Skradin (Krka National Park) – Bay of Potkućina (Island of Kakan), 20 nm  

We will dedicate the morning hours to the exploration of the Krka National Park. We will sail Krka river, take a swim under its largest waterfall – Skradinski buk, and afterward, by organized transportation, continue towards the small island of Visovac with its Franciscan monastery (15th c.) set in the middle like a precious gem. In the early hours of the afternoon, we will leave the ACI marina Skradin and sail among the 249 playful small and large islands making up the harmoniously arranged puzzles of the Šibenik archipelago. We will spend the night in the uninhabited bay of Potkućina, which, together with two small accompanying islands, makes an irresistibly attractive lagoon bathed in green and blue tones. It is located on the northern shores of the island of Kakan and it is the safest anchorage of the island. After tying our boat to one of the numerous buoys, we will visit the tavern ‘Sedmo nebo’, which – as its main slogan implies – serves only ‘heavenly tasty food’.    

Day 4:  

Bay of Potkućina (Island of Kakan) – Port of Žut (Island of Žut), 21 nm  

We will direct our boat towards the island of Žut, which constitutes a part of the archipelago of the Kornati National Park even though it does not officially belong to it. Žut is the second-largest Kornati island with many attractive anchorages, and it represents a true nautical gem. Although the choice is not easy, we will opt for anchoring in the turquoise passage separating the southern shores of the island of Žut and the much smaller island of Žutska Aba. After we anchor the boat, we will indulge in a magical sea experience – refreshment at the foot of the high slopes of Žutska Aba with the most beautiful shades of blue reflecting all around us. After leaving another popular anchorage– the bay of Hiljača behind us, we will sail into the spacious port of Žut. It is characterized by a number of natural shelters, the beautiful ACI marina Žut and one of the best restaurants of the Adriatic – restaurant ‘Fešta’. This is an exclusive restaurant furnished as an old Dalmatian tavern, within which a small marina is incorporated. The berth in the marina is free of charge for guests with dinner reservations, so we will be sure to take advantage of this benefit, and we will also cheer up the little ones with free access to the children's playground and a sandy beach. At dusk, before the gastronomic spectacle begins at the restaurant, we will take a walk to the nearby ACI marina Žut and, after a short climb, get to the nearby top of Bizikovica which offers a fascinating view of the entire Kornati archipelago.    

Day 5:  

Port of Žut (Island of Žut) – Telašćica Nature Park – ACI Marina Piškera (Kornati National Park), 23 nm  

We will spend day 5 under the auspices of two masterpieces of nature – the Telašćica Nature Park and the Kornati National Park. In the early hours of the morning, we will sail through the narrow passage of Mala Proversa, in which you will notice the remains of a Roman villa from the 1st century. Then, we will sail into one of the largest and best protected natural bays of the Adriatic – the port of Telašćica. We will tie our boat to a buoy in the bay of Mir and go on a tour of the natural phenomena of the Telašćica Nature Park – a salt lake and high cliffs from which the jump into the sea is reserved for the daring ones. Children are advised to visit the Adrenaline Park, located right next to the salt lake! We will sail into the magical waters of the Kornati National Park. The park consists of eighty-nine ‘island puzzles’ that are devoid of vegetation and are ‘sparsely’ populated but embellished by cliffs, long dry walls, harmonious miniature settlements, blue lagoons and excellent gastronomic ‘stations’. We will sail at the foot of the fort of Turet (6th c.) and the votive church of Our Lady of Tarac, one of the most beautiful motifs of Kornati. We will take a swim in the sandy bay of Lojena or in the less visited bay of Modri bok, take photos under the most attractive cliffs on Mana, Rašip Mali and Rašip Veli and spend the night at the place that has always provided shelter for fishing boats – the ACI marina Piškera. It is one of the most beautiful marinas of the Adriatic, which, like almost all Adriatic marinas – is bathed in crystal clear sea. We will arrange dinner right across our boat – at the fine restaurant of ‘Klif’.    

Day 6:  

ACI Marina Piškera (Kornati National Park) – Bay of Vela Stupica (Island of Žirje), 18 nm  

We will sail through the internal part of the Kornati Channel and, depending on the weather conditions, enjoy a quick sea refreshment on the southern side of Ravni Žakan, where the sea’s transparency and colors are exceptional. We can also enjoy a refreshment in the less visited, picturesque bay on the northwestern side of the island. We will say goodbye to the ‘endemic’ beauties of the Kornati National Park and sail towards Žirje. This island represented a strategically significant military base of the former JNA. As a result of that, many places were closed for visitors, which certainly influenced the fact that even today, it is not overcrowded or spoiled by numerous new constructions. We will spend the night in the spacious bay of Vela Stupica. We will try to tie our boat to one of the buoys in the western part of the bay, also the location of a small, family-owned tavern ‘Stupica’. Before dinner, we will climb up to the remains of Justinian’s fort (6th century), which is nested on top of the Kamena glavica hill (291 m) and enjoy the spectacular view. With a bit of luck, we may also find an old Roman coin!    

Day 7:  

Bay of Vela Stupica (Island of Žirje) – Maslinica (Island of Šolta), 27 nm  

We will start the day in the most beautiful way possible – with a morning refreshing swim in the crystal-clear sea, after which we will direct our boat towards the 20 nm-distant island of Drvenik Mali. On its southwestern side, you will find the turquoise sandy bay of Vela Rina, which, unlike the surrounding bays, is somewhat less visited. After a refreshing swim in the sea and a light lunch, we will sail towards the nearby Maslinica, namely the exclusive ‘Martinis Marchi’ marina, where we will spend the night. Maslinica, a small fishing village named after the olive tree is also the most beautiful village on the island of Šolta, with its tower and baroque castle contributing to its charm. They have been transformed into an attractive hotel, restaurant and the ‘Martinis Marchi’ marina, which we will be sure to visit. We will walk to the Church of St. Nicholas, which offers an attractive view of the village, as well as of the colorful archipelago of islets surrounding Maslinica. As for families with small children, we recommend a visit to the beach bar ‘Punta’ offering a sandbox and some toys for the little ones. Dinner will be organized in the local tavern ‘Šakajet’, which, among other things, offers one of the best steaks on the Adriatic.     

 Day 8:  

Maslinica (Island of Šolta) – Komiža (Island of Vis), 25 nm  

Right after we set sail, we plan to take a morning swim in the beautiful shallow lagoon embellishing the passage between the islets of Saskinja and Polebrnjak. After we get acquainted with the blue waters of the Adriatic with our masks and snorkels, and with a little help from Aeolus, the god of wind, who will hopefully bring us Maestral, we will head towards the island of Vis. The island of Vis is another strategic military base of the former JNA, which had been 'closed' for foreign visitors for many years. After the filming of 'Mamma Mia 2' took place on the island, Vis became a world-famous destination. The western part of the island is home to the most beautiful fishing village of the Adriatic – Komiža, where we will spend the night. We will tie our boat to one of the numerous buoys and start exploring this picturesque village, which is embellished by colorful stone houses and one of the most beautiful fishing ports. We will visit the Fishermen's Museum and take a walk to the Church of St. Nicholas, which represents the most memorable symbol of Komiža. For centuries, on St. Nicholas’ Day (December 6th), inhabitants of Komiža have been making offerings to their patron by burning an old wooden ship, praying for a merciful sea for all seafarers in the upcoming year. We will have dinner at the fish tavern ‘Bako’, which has tables right next to the sea, and whose superbly prepared food and friendly staff keep their guests wanting to come back!    

Day 9:  

Komiža (Island of Vis) – Blue Cave (Island of Biševo) – Vis (Island of Vis), 22 nm  

In the early hours of the morning, we will surround ourselves with the unbelievably magical blueness of the Blue Cave, which represents the main symbol of the offshore island of Biševo. Afterward, we will sail along the southern shores of the island of Vis, which are irresistibly reminiscent of a pearl-enriched necklace. Stiniva is one of the most beautiful and unusual bays of the Adriatic. To the east, the Green Cave hides on the isle of Ravnik; a beautiful turquoise lagoon embellishes the western side of the small island of Budikovac; and right across, on the island of Vis, there is the beautiful sandy beach of Zaglav. Depending on the mood of the crew, we will choose a spot to take a swim and have lunch, after which we will sail to our final destination of the day – the town of Vis. The town of Vis is nested at the bottom of an indented and extremely vast bay and is the first Greek colony of the Adriatic for a reason. Beautiful, photo-friendly views and interesting facilities frequently attract boaters. It is a paradise for wine lovers and gourmets, as well as for visitors who like to be active, for lovers of speleology, or for those interested in the impressive 'legacy' of the former JNA. The open terrace of the Vis Summer Cinema is a spectacular must-see place for film lovers while entertaining facilities in the town park are loved by the little ones. After tying our boat to the town waterfront in Luka or Kut, we will take a walk along the attractive promenade by the sea which connects them, and have dinner underneath fourteen palm trees embellishing the open garden of the fine restaurant of ‘Val’.    

Day 10:  

Vis (Island of Vis) – Prženjaci (Island of Korčula) – Skrivena Luka (Island of Lastovo), 40 nm  

On day 10, somewhat longer sailing will be ahead of us, so we plan to set sail with the first rays of sunshine. We will sail towards the eastern shores of the island of Korčula and anchor in the charming, light-blue lagoon between Mali and Veliki Prženjak. Calling upon the afternoon Maestral, we will cross the Lastovo Channel and sail across the enchanting serpentine ‘path’, ‘carved’ so charmingly by nature between the green slopes of Lastovo on one side and the equally picturesque slopes of the isle of Mrčara on the other. We will spend the night at the berth of the ‘Porto Roso’ Nautical Center, located on the southern side of the island of Lastovo, in the bay of Skrivena Luka. This secluded bay, with an entrance from the sea which is almost impossible to see, is a favorite destination for boaters both because of its safety and because of the fact that it is a good starting point for sightseeing of the town of Lastovo. We will visit this place ‘hidden’ in the interior of the island, climb the Lastovo fortress and take pictures of the unusual ‘Lastovo chimneys’. When the sun goes down, we will relax on the terrace among the pine trees of the restaurant ‘Porto Roso’ with amazing culinary delicacies being served to us.    

Day 11:  

Skrivena Luka (Island of Lastovo) – Pomena (Mljet National Park), 22 nm  

We will sail at the foot of Struga, one of the oldest and tallest lighthouses of the Adriatic, and anchor on the northern side of the small island of Vlašnik (Vrhovnjaci). It is a peculiar place where you may notice another boat only occasionally. After this Robinson-like experience, we will leave behind the imposing and secluded lighthouse of Glavat and say goodbye to the Lastovo Islands Nature Park. We will sail towards the green island of Mljet and spend the night in Pomena, tied to the waterfront in front of the family-owned restaurant ‘Barba Ive’. Pomena is the most suitable destination for exploring Mljet National Park and its natural phenomena – the Large Lake and the Small Lake. We will take a short stroll to get to the lake and take a swim under a small bridge, i.e. in a natural jacuzzi created due to the presence of tidal streams. By organized transportation, we will sail towards a small island in the middle of the Large Lake, which is embellished by the beautiful Church of St. Mary, and for that purpose, we can also rent kayaks on request. For those who want more, we will organize pleasant cycling around the lake (approximately 10-20 km), which is the best way to merge with the endless green landscape surrounding us. We will spend the evening on the open terrace of the tavern ‘Barba Ive’ while listening to the whispers of the sea and watching one of the most beautiful sunsets.    

Day 12:  

Pomena (Mljet National Park) – Korčula (Island of Korčula), 16 nm  

After we sail across the Mljet Channel, keeping our eyes wide open so we don’t miss the chance to see dolphins, we will anchor in the sandy bay of Pržina, which is located just off the eastern cape of Korčula. In addition to turquoise colors, the little ones will certainly enjoy the sports-entertainment Aqua Park. We will step into the maze of 20 islands and islets located between the town of Lumbarda and the town of Korčula, the most striking of which is the island of Badija with a Franciscan monastery, a long promenade and friendly deer. The picturesque town of Lumbarda is where the indigenous Grk grape variety originates from and it is the oldest Greek colony on the island. The town of Korčula is the birthplace of Marco Polo, home of the ‘Moreška’ knight game, and, since it is surrounded by walls and towers, it is incredibly reminiscent of Dubrovnik. We will tie our boat at ACI marina Korčula, which is located right next to the historical town core, and our journey into the past will commence… We will organize dinner in a tavern visited by many celebrities, such as Bill Gates. The family-owned tavern ‘Maha’ is located in the interior of the island (8 km), and is known for its traditional dishes that are prepared just like our great-grandmothers used to.    

Day 13:  

Korčula (Island of Korčula) – Bay of Milna (Island of Hvar), 32 nm  

We will sail through the Pelješac Channel, which is embellished by steep, green slopes of the Pelješac peninsula on one side, and by the considerably tamer coast of Korčula on the other. Pelješac is known for its Grgić winery, a world-renowned winemaker who, among other things, is responsible for making California wines a worldwide hit. The uninhabited bay of Čarnjeni will be the place we will choose for a refreshing dip in the sea and a light lunch. It embellishes the southern shores of the protected nature reserve – the island of Šćedro. We will leave this magical oasis, where it seems as though the green pine trees are kissing the turquoise sea, and sail under the steep slopes of the island of Hvar. Those steep slopes embellished by vineyards, with the inclination of up to 50%, produce some of the best Croatian wines – Zlatan Plenković's wines. We will spend the night in the uninhabited bay of Borče. As guests of the restaurant ‘Kotin’, located in the neighboring bay of Milna, we will take the opportunity to tie our boat to a buoy so that we can immediately become one with the magical turquoise heaven surrounding us. This restaurant impresses all its guests in every way imaginable, so we believe that you will have the same experience as well. After dinner, we will arrange transportation to the town of Hvar, one of the most beautiful towns on the Croatian coast. It is embellished by the oldest theatre in Europe, a picturesque marketplace which was once under the sea and served as a port, the imposing cathedral of St. Stephen, and a fortress that rises above the city and offers an unbelievably beautiful view of a number of gems of Hvar not mentioned here. In addition, Hvar has recently become a mecca for mega-yachts and nightlife lovers and has therefore been given the title of the Croatian Saint Tropez for a reason.    

Day 14:  

Bay of Milna (Island of Hvar) – ACI Marina Split, 29 nm  

Depending on the mood of the crew, we will spend the relaxing morning hours of the day in the bay of Borče or start exploring the Hvar archipelago consisting of 21 islands, islets and cliffs. These islands are called the Pakleni Islands, which not only represent one of the most beautiful parts of the Hvar Riviera, but also one of the most beautiful parts of the entire Adriatic coast. We will anchor on the northern side of Vodnjak, the most secluded island of this archipelago, in a shallow passage that is extremely attractive for divers. We hope that, with the help of Aeolus, we will be able to invoke wind in time and, under full sails, sail through the gates of Split towards the 1,700-year-old city of Split. We will spend the evening strolling through the streets of the UNESCO-protected Diocletian’s Palace and, as the most spectacular experience, witness the changing of the imperial guard, which takes place exactly at noon every day. We will have dinner in the tavern ‘Otprilike ovako’.