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7 Days Instagram Sailing Tour

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7 Days Instagram Sailing Tour

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Split - Soline Bay - Čarnjeni Bay - Lumbarda - Skrivena Luka - Dol Bay - Gradina Bay - Vis - Split

  • DURATION: 7 days
  • DEPARTURE PORT: ACI Marina Split
  • ARRIVAL PORT: ACI Marina Split


  • Sail across: 180 nm in 7 days
  • Dream in: 4 marinas, 3 bays
  • Discover: 9 islands, 4 ancient cities, 1 park of nature, 1 pelagic island, 1 cave, 1 geopark


Day 1 (Saturday):

Calling upon the afternoon

Maestral, we will start our sea journey under full sails! We will sail through the Split gate towards a small oasis for boaters – the Pakleni Islands. The Pakleni Islands consist of 21 islets and cliffs that are regarded as the most beautiful part of the Hvar riviera. St. Clement, the biggest island of this enchanting microcosm boasts one of the most dazzling and cleanest Croatian marinas, the ACI marina Palmižana. The marina’s small paths lead to a numerous of turquoise bays that will entice you to spend the night there. We will anchor in the most secluded corner of the spacious bay of Soline and spend the evening in the meditative silence of the surrounding setting while first-class fish specialties are served to us on the open terrace of the restaurant ‘The Fishermen's House’. For lovers of nightlife, transportation can be arranged on request to the town of Hvar, i.e. the night club ‘Carpe Diem’ or the lounge bar ‘Laganini’.

Day 2 (Sunday):

Bay of Soline (Pakleni Islands) – Bay of Čarnjeni (Island of Šćedro), 18 nm

We will start sailing along the southern slopes of the island of Hvar. Many fine wines originate from these scenic slopes, the most famous ones being those of Zlatan Plenković that also has a small marina and the restaurant ‘Bilo Idro’ in the picturesque village of Sveta Nedjelja. Many wine lovers decide to spend the night there, which is why lunch and the tasting of archive wines in a unique wine cellar overlooking the seabed will be organized before we continue our voyage. We will spend the night in one of the bays of the protected nature reserve – the island of Šćedro. There are two highly visited bays on the northern side of the island with several restaurants. However, we will be spending the night in the bay of Čarnjeni located on the south side of the island. By anchoring at the bottom of this uninhabited bay we will have the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding turquoise colors of the sea and the intoxicating scents of pine trees.

Day 3 (Monday):

Bay of Čarnjeni (Island of Šćedro) – Lumbarda (Island of Korčula), 26 nm

We will sail to the western shores of the Pelješac peninsula and stop at the bay of Pržina, by far the most beautiful part of the vast bay of Lovište. The turquoise colors of the sea in the bay of Pržina are similar to the shades seen in Caribbean bays, so only green pines instead of tropical palm trees reveal that the Caribbean islands are actually far away and that this is a different kind of nautical paradise. We will sail through the Pelješac Channel, a favorite destination of kayakers and surfers, and towards the town of Korčula. Considering that there are 20 gorgeous islands and islets in the waters between the town of Korčula and Lumbarda, it is difficult to decide where to drop the anchor. The most attractive of the bunch is the somewhat wild, turquoise lagoon near the islet of Stupa, which we will visit if we have enough time for another stop before sailing into the marina Lumbarda. The town of Lumbarda was the first Greek colony on the island of Korčula. The old town center rests on a hill embellished by old stone houses, winding streets and the proud Church of St. Roch with a magical view of the surrounding archipelago of islands, seductive sandy beaches and vast vineyards of the indigenous grape variety – Grk. We will experience the fishing atmosphere of this invitingly hospitable place, indulge in a real symphony of aromas and flavors in the local tavern ‘Škafetin’, and then, on request, organize a visit to the fortified town of Korčula, best described as ‘little Dubrovnik’.

Day 4 (Tuesday):

Lumbarda (Island of Korčula) – Skrivena Luka (Island of Lastovo), 22 nm

After sailing along the eastern part of the island of Korčula, we will continue towards the island of Lastovo, a nature park marked by number 46. Namely, Lastovo is surrounded by 46 uninhabited islets, and there are 46 churches, 46 hills and 46 cultivated fields on the island. We will anchor in the turquoise lagoon located on the northern side of the island of Saplun (Lastovnjaci) and swim to the finest white sand that gave the island of Saplun its name, as well as to the most attractive snorkeling spot – the turquoise passage between Saplun and Arženjak mali. We will head southwest, along the steep cliffs of Lastovo and the Struga lighthouse. This impressive lighthouse is located at the sea entrance to Skrivena Luka, a bay where boaters are happy to spend the night as it is protected from all types of winds. It is also a good starting point for the exploration of the town of Lastovo, which is ‘hidden’ in the interior of the island. We will spend the night on the western side of this spacious bay, at the berth of the Porto Roso Nautical center. It is a miniature marina with a pebble beach, a uniquely decorated cocktail bar and a fine tavern known for its exquisite entrees and risottos.

Day 5 (Wednesday):

Skrivena Luka (Island of Lastovo) – Bay of Dol (Island of Sušac) – Bay of Gradina (Island of Korčula), 33 nm

In case of bad weather, we will head to the emerald green bay of Kremena on the western part of Lastovo for a morning swim. However, with a little help from Aeolus – the god of wind, or favorable weather conditions, we will continue our voyage towards the offshore island of Sušac. In fact, this almost uninhabited island is only occasionally visited by boaters, so its calmness and the surrounding nature usually remain in fond memories of those lucky enough to visit it. We will anchor on the southern side of the island, walk to the richest archaeological site it has to offer and continue along the beaten path to the impressive lighthouse located on the highest part of the island. This half-hour walk will result in some magnificent views and photos! In the afternoon, we will set off towards the western shores of the island of Korčula – the indented bay of Vela Luka. We will tie our boat to a buoy in the bay of Gradina and enjoy the surrounding landscape that looks as perfect as a postcard. At sunset, we will visit the restaurant ‘Šiloko’, which is located at the very bottom of this turquoise bay, and indulge in gastronomic hedonism with uniquely presented courses of dishes. The sunset in Gradina is unique, but its sunrise is especially mesmerizing – just wait for the first rays of the sun to ‘color’ the sea…

Day 6 (Thursday):

Bay of Gradina (Island of Korčula) – Vis (Island of Vis), 27 nm

Perhaps the most beautiful pearl of the entire Korčula water area is the islet of Proizd, so if the weather allows us, we will anchor on its northern side. Perfectly sculpted stone pebbles, ‘ironed’ white stones, indigenous vegetation and enchanting shades of the sea are just some of the natural beauties of this tiny island. We will sail towards Vis archipelago protected by UNESCO thanks to its exceptional beauty as a Geopark. Depending on the mood of the crew, we will visit either the Green Cave on the island of Ravnik, the Turquoise Lagoon on the island of Budikovac, Europe's Most Beautiful Beach of 2016 – Stiniva, or the sandy bay of Stončica! We saved the best for last with an overnight stay in the town of Vis, the favorite destination of most local boaters! The port of Vis offers shelter from all types of wind, so it is not surprising that the ancient Greeks chose it as their first colony in the Adriatic. The town of Vis, as well as the entire island with the same name, offers a whole range of top-notch experiences – gastronomic experiences, creatively designed themed excursions or relaxing strolls on one of the most beautiful promenades of the Adriatic! For our culinary highlight on Vis, we will visit the restaurant ‘Val’.

Day 7 (Friday):

Vis (Island of Vis) – ACI Marina Split, 31 nm

As we navigate the Vis Channel, we will keep our eyes wide open and our cameras handy, as with some luck, we may catch the dolphins performing acrobatic jumps. We will choose the bay of Stračinska as our destination for a swim, located on the southern side of the island of Šolta. It is a deeply recessed bay with a steep, rocky shoreline adorned with green pines, a few stone houses and two perfectly modeled beaches. After a refreshing swim and a light lunch, we will sail through the Split gates hoping that the afternoon Maestral will blow and allow us to finish our sea journey the way we started it – under full sails, listening to the mesmerizing whisper of the wind and waves! We will spend the evening in the city of Split, included in the UNESCO list of protected heritage, and referred to as the most beautiful city in the world by its inhabitants.