Sailing boat or catamaran?

The choice depends on your wishes and preferences. A Catamaran is an excellent choice for those with no sailing experience or for those who feel somewhat insecure sailing. It has two hulls, hence providing greater stability. Catamarans don’t lean more than 5° and offer greater comfort, spacious saloon area and cabins and somewhat faster sailing, since they have two engines. Modern catamarans have shallow draft in order to make the access to land and bays easier.

What skippers licence is valid in Croatia?

List of skippers licences is provided by Croatian Maritime Ministry. Before you, as captain,  confirm your sailing it is best to check or to send a copy of your licence to our office so we will check if it’s on list of accepted liceneces. In addition to skipper’s license, captain must also have a VHF license.

Is it possible to buy a food on islands?

All inhabited Croatian islands have shops where all goods can be bought. As well there are posts offices, banks etc. (island Brač, island Hvar, island Vis, island Lastovo, Mljet, Korčula…)

What’s included in the charter price of sailing boat?

In charter price is included one week of charter on sailing boat with all equipment that allows you full accommodation and independence for several days of cruising. Berth in boat’s mother-harbour is free, except for boats that belongs to another mother-harbour – first and last day is free of charge.

 How to know about charter legality and propriety?

The legality of your presence on boat has been proved by official crew list, given boat documents, prepaid tourist taxes and VAT, issued to you at charter reception desk before check-in procedure.

What is the cost of daily berths in marinas in Croatia?

All prices are visible on web sites and price lists, and depend of the boat size and term of the season. Marinas in Croatia provides weather reports, water, electricity, restaurants, shops, showers, laundry etc… Other moorings are cheaper but can be well organised as moorings in Vis or Komiža.

Can we do One way from Split to Dubrovnik?

Yes, but with extra charge and check out on Friday afternoon at 15:00. Extra charge covers 1 day of mooring in check out base, skipper’s cost for transfering boat back and diesel for returning boat back (aprox 110 NM). One way charter must be reserved upon confirming booking.

Is it allowed to sail outside Croatian teritorial waters?

Yes. Many boats are registrated for international sailing in Adriatic, but this arrangement must be confirmed in advance. Certainly, the whole official procedure must be follwed when crossing the border. There’s some extra custom and tax costs.

Why and what is safety deposit?

Before the check-in of the vessel the client should put the deposit in a certain amount in cash or as credit card deposit (Visa, Amex, Master). After the completion of yacht charter the whole deposit shall be returned to the client, unless some damages or loss of equipment are noticed. Otherwise the stated deposit shall be kept in the amount needed for the repair or for purchase of damaged or lost equipment. Paying deposit is also obligatory in cases when a skipper is hired. In such case the said deposit cannot be used for covering the costs emerged due to skipper’s negligence, bad operation of the vessel or its equipment.

Is it possible to charter a vessel for less than a week?

Yes, some of our yachts are put in such „Any Day“ program, when client can get the yacht at any day of the week through all season if named yacht is available.

How to book a vessel?

Just contact us online, and you’ll be lead through whole process, and all possible options will be presented and explained to you. The contact you have made has no consequences nor obligations for you.

Do I have to hire a professional skipper?

If you have no sailing experience or if you do not possess an officially recognized sailing license, you are obliged to hire a skipper.

Even if you have sailing experience but are not sure in your maneuvering skills, we strongly recommend you to hire a professional skipper for at least several days, in order to make your cruise more relaxing and safe., until you don’t take over the skippers’ local knowledge – they are well acquainted with the Adriatic region and will be able to suggest you the most interesting places for swimming and fun, as well as numerous restaurants.

We can find the skipper for you.

I have a sailing experience but do not possess a license. What do I do?

In order to hire a yacht in Croatia, the person navigating the boat must possess a necessary license, corresponding to Croatian rules and regulations.So, there is possibility is to take an exam in one of the Croatian port authorities – the certificate is obtained the same day. In case you opt for this, We will gladly help you in organizing the exam and will let you know all the necessary details on time (i.e. the price of the exam as well as the exact time when and the place where it takes place).

Are skipper’s services included in price?

Skipper’s services are paid separately from the charter fee. The guests are obliged to pay them (also those of a hostess or a cook) as well as food and drink for the skipper or the other crew members. On gulets, the crew expenses (those of a captain, a sailor and a cook) are already included in the charter fee.

Where does the skipper sleep?

Mostly the skipper sleeps in the salon area. However, it is strongly recommended to charter a bigger boat and provide the skipper with his own cabin. Since he is in charge of the day-to-day running of the yacht, as well as the security of people on board, he should be well-rested – apart from that, the guests will have more comfort and a free salon area to hang out. Every vessel is registered for a certain number of people (the law does not allow this number to be exceeded) – if this number does not include a berth in the salon area, the skipper is required to have his own cabin.

What is the right yacht for me (type and size)?

The choice of the yacht depends entirely on your wishes and preferences and of the type of holidays you have in mind. Before choosing a yacht answer to yourself the following questions. How many people will be on board? Does your group consist of those who can share cabins, or each person require separate cabin? Do you prefer comfort and luxury or modest conditions are acceptable? Do you require a skipper, hostess, chef, etc. or not? (Keep in mind that all additional crew members need to sleep on board as well, so plan berths accordingly.) Do you want to go on holidays with family and friends or you prefer meeting new people?

In Orvas Yachting offer you can find following yacht types:

  • Sailing boat, monohull – excellent for both family and active vacation,
  • Motorboat – for those who like speed;
  • Catamaran – comfortable and very stable, ensure fast sailing too;
  • Luxury motor boat – for those who are looking for comfort, luxury and speed (rentable only with crew);
  • Gulet – for those who are looking for a classic boat and a bit of romantic feeling (rentable only with crew);
  • Motorsailer – similar to gulet, ideal for groups of 18+ persons;
  • Luxury sailing yacht – you will choose this kind of boat if you are looking for top-notch accommodation and service;
  • Small cruise ship – if you want to experience a cruise but on a smaller scale of around 30 to 50 persons, this kind of boat is a perfect choice.

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