6 Reasons Why Gulet Cruising in Croatia is an Amazing Way for Solo Travel with Groups

Imagine the situation: you’re planning your next holidays, find some nice alternatives, do your research and realize it would be too hard to go for it because you are single. Being single nowadays is most definitely not a limiting factor in terms of traveling. There are so many travel options that are tailored for this target group, and we will explain how gulet cruising in Croatia fits into solo travel concept.

Gulet in Croatia near Split

It’s hard not to get attracted by a gulet – these lovely ships easily get your attention. After you notice their cool appearance you might easily conclude that these ships are for groups. And you are completely correct about this. What you might not know is the fact that some of them have cabin charter programs that allow you to charter a cabin and share other spaces on the ship with other people on board.

Here are some reasons that might trigger you to think about gulet cruising if you’re solo traveler:

1. Boutique cruise

When the word “cruise” is mentioned, many people relate it to the large cruise liners that have a couple of thousand people on board. Gulet cruising in Croatia is quite the opposite – it is more private, individualized and tailored. The average gulet in Croatia has 6 cabins, which means you would share it with a smaller number of people.

Not having the entire group doesn’t mean that you can’t taste something exclusive and special.

2. Surprise, surprise

Young people meeting on the beginning of the gulet cruise vacation

So, you have decided to go for the gulet cabin charter. After the obvious – planning, buying flight tickets, packing your stuff and transfers you are finally there. That moment when you step on the boat realizing that you will (despite the fact you have your private cabin) be living with other people for the next week is indeed the special one.

If we would paraphrase Tom Hanks from Forrest Gump, then we would say that gulet cruising for solo travelers was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

3. Simple pricing

From a financial perspective, traveling seems to be more expensive when you’re doing it alone. We will not deny this, but gulet cabin charters have very simple pricing and all costs are presented in a realistic way. The advantage is that most of the cabin charter prices are per cabin, which means the price is the same whether there is only one person in a cabin or two of them.

In other words, there aren’t any hidden costs and you can easily understand how much your gulet cruising in Croatia cost at the end. When it comes to pricing, solo travel with groups is indeed more affordable than doing it on your own.

4. Meeting new people

Young people resting on the gulet and enjoying their gulet vacation

Being on a gulet is a good opportunity to meet new people and expand your network. Relaxed atmosphere and breathtaking sceneries when gulet cruising in Croatia are the ideal basis to have some fun and meet new people.

You’ll probably forget your cabin quite soon after the cruise, but your experience and people you have met are something you are about to remember.

5. Planned itinerary

This type of holiday means that the route is defined in advance, so you can know where you will be each day and plan your activities. Keeping the track of this, you can easily find more about the destination you are about to arrive at.

This is very good because more you know in advance your experience is more likely to be better.

Young people raised their glasses on gulet cruise vacation

The main difference and advantage in relation to the private charter of a certain group of friends or family members when it comes to the route is that it can’t be subject to the wishes of a certain individual.

This very often happens when mentioned groups hire a gulet for a week – very often there is a leader of the group who makes decisions for all. In solo travel with groups, this can’t happen at all since all participants have the same position.

The itinerary is subject to weather conditions, and the captain is the only one to change the route should weather get rough.

6. A new and different experience

Traveling alone is something everyone should try, and doing this really allows you to know yourself better. Traveling with someone you know is easier but traveling solo is more challenging.

Young girl kayaking near gulet on gulet vacation in Croatia

Experiencing some things by yourself simply makes us stronger and has a strong influence on our way of thinking. We appreciate ourselves more after we do something like this.


If you have some wishes from your bucket list to be fulfilled and need to do it solo, this might be something to start with. As a destination, Croatia will hardly disappoint you and due to the safety of our destination, we can highly recommend gulet cruising in Croatia for solo travel.



6 reasons why gulet cruising in croatia is an amazing way for solo travel with groups-infographic

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