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Mljet is one of the biggest islands you can see while entering Dalmatian Adriatic from south. It is the greenest island in Croatia, full of Mediterranean vegetation, clean blue sea, sandy coastline and a beauty of marine life. The island is said to be one of the most wonderful Croatian islands as well.

Mljet is best recognisable for its wine, both white and red, olives and goat's cheese. Mljet is an unaffected island covered by a thick Mediterranean forest. The surrounding sea is full of fish and underwater life. Mljet is famous also for it's two salt lakes - Veliko Jezero (Big Lake) and Malo Jezero (Small Lake), which are situated at the northern part of the island. In the center of Veliko Jezero there is little island with an old monastery.

Northern part of the island, including Veliko and Malo Jezero, is protected by Mljet National Parks, which both with a beautiful beach of Saplunara on the southeastern part of the island, make it one of the best and most popular destinations for traveler.

Saplunara is an amazing sand cove located on the east of Mljet island. It may be very shallow at some locations with the depth up to 2m. the cove is well protected from all winds but southwestern winds.

Polače is a cove in the northwestern part of the island of Mljet. It is a natural refuge from all winds. Attention is suggested while entering the cove, due to many shoals.