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North Adriatic and North Dalmatia Diving Route

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On the North Adriatic Sea there are roughly 220 nautical miles of sailing routes between the very varied and vivid islands of the northern Adriatic and Dalmatia Sea.

Among these routes there are diving possibilities around Krk Island (shipwreck, canyon, rocks),  Plavnik (underwater cliffs, canyon), Cutin (undersea wall), Crna Punta (undersea wall and caves), Premuda ("Cathedral” complex of caves, undersea wall), Unije (wreck, wall), Cres (shipwreck, rocks, wall), Ist (reefs), Premuda (underwater caves and reef), Skarda’s steep walls, gorgonia walls of Lagnjici, Mezanj (steep walls, canyon and caves), Dugi Otok (caves, gorgonia fields and steppwalls). Beside an amazing underwater sceneries and stunning landscapes of the islands, there is an impressive marine life such as the fields of gorgonias, octopuses, crabs, crayfish, groupers and more.

The route generally depends on the weather circumstances, as well as desires of the visitors. Thus, we are very facile when planning a route. Organized overnights take places in beautiful coves or harbors of our stunning islands. Diving safari always starts and ends on Saturday.