Important Things You Should Know for Renting a Boat

Boat renting holidays are increasingly popular. No wonder, as renting a boat offers you unprecedented flexibility and freedom in planning your vacation. Renting a boat has become very simple; just find one of the many boat renting agencies on the web and they’ll make you a suitable offer. Still, if you’ve never done it before, here are some important things you should have in mind for renting a boat.

Skipper on the boat

Although various yacht rental agencies and companies offer various rental options, the main idea isSailing boat on the sea - Orvas Yachting Croatia always the same; you and your friends or family are renting a vessel for a scheduled period of time and only you are the one who determines the course of your sailboat and decide how long you want to stay in a certain area. But, these agencies will not rent you a boat unless you have a skipper among you; someone who has some previous sailing experience and knows the basics of sailboat operation and navigation. The skipper must have a yachting license or a certificate before you can rent the boat, but even if no one among your friends and family has the necessary skills, don’t worry. Only a minority of people who spend their holidays sailing have needed skipper qualifications – agencies have a number of skippers who you can hire.

They raise the sails, moor and anchor the boat and ensure everything related to boat-functioning goes according to plan. Many people who have sailing and navigation experience decide to hire a skipper anyway: they know the local area, its waters and weather conditions. As professionals, they’ll make course suggestions, informing you about the tourist attractions and natural beauties in your vicinity, so it’s good to listen to them. After all, you’re renting a yacht to get some rest and relaxation; the skipper will be covering most of the work (although all passengers will be helping him) leaving you more time to enjoy yourself with your friends and/or family.

Choosing a boat

You can rent many types of boats. Usually the yacht rental agencies will recommend you the boat most suitable for your needs. Most likely it will be the sailboat; they’re not fast, but this actually makes them better for those who wish to cruise and explore the sea, the islands and the coastline. For example, many who rent a vessel in Croatia choose the sailboat, as the Adriatic Sea has hundreds of islets and islands with dozens of marinas where these boats can anchor. You can either choose to rent a monohull (a traditional sailboat, which has a single hull) or a catamaran (with two hulls).

Catamarans are somewhat more comfortable and suitable for non-experienced sailors; they’re easy to navigate (especially important in shallow waters), have plenty of deck space and living space, a fly deck, and it’s easy to get in and out of the water if you wish to take a swim.

The usual alternative is motorboat and it’s a good choice if you like speed. These boats have one to three cabins and can transport you fast from one island to another.

Gulet on the sea - Orvas Yachting CroatiaDepending on your financial budget, you can rent a luxury motor yacht, luxury sailing yacht, gulet, motorsailer or even small cruise ship. You can choose a boat with a gym, high speed Internet, a spa, as well as other comforts.

If you prefer classic holiday – like hotel accommodation and meeting new people, you can rent a cabin on a boat and enjoy.

For other rental specifics ask us. Don’t be ashamed of asking questions – 90 percent of our clients have no previous knowledge about sailing and it’s our job to give you all the necessary information about your boat.


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