What To Pack For Sailboat Cruising In Croatia

When going on a sailing boat, packing the luggage is a very significant part of your overall preparation. There are 2 reasons for this: the first one is that you don’t want to spend your precious time on vacation getting some stuff you forgot. The second reason is you don’t want to get overpacked. Sailing monohulls are usually small and don’t have too much space to store your belongings. If you’re about to go on your first sailboat cruising in Croatia, stay with us and find out which things need to be on your packing list.


1. Personal documentation

Personal documentation needed for sailboatcruising in Croatia

By this, we mean not only the passports or ID but also the sailing license or certificate. Too many times we got stressed call from the client who forgot the license. It’s not the end of the world if you forget it, but it’s much relaxed if you have the license with you. After all, this is one of the last things you’d want to take care of when on a sailing holiday.

It is advisable to check the validity of your skipper’s license and VHF certificate and make sure you don’t have issues with this.



2. Toiletries

Sailing boats are usually not provided with this, so make sure you put shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste, and other hygienic necessaries on your packing list.

This is especially important if you are using some sensible skin products, which might not always be found on every Croatian island.


3. Appropriate clothing for sailboat cruising in Croatia

Young couple on a sailing vacation in Croatia

We wrote appropriate because your clothing selections depend on the charter period in Croatia. For example, if you are sailboat cruising in Croatia in April, May or October you will need to bring more long sleeves than in the period from June to September.

However, some clothes you will bring in any period. This includes T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, underwear, socks, and other lightweight clothing. Always have in mind to travel light as much as possible.

Here is a very important tip – pack your belongings in a soft, foldable bag. Hard suitcases simply don’t belong on a sailing boat. They take too much space and can only turn into a headache if you don’t manage to place them somehow.


4. Windbreaker or sailing jacket

Man in a sailing jacket on sailboat cruising in Croatia


We have put this separated from clothes because you most definitely need this, whether you go sailing in Croatia in the middle of summer or low season. Weather in Croatia can sometimes be tricky and change rapidly. This is especially related to summer storms that usually last short but drop in temperatures and an increase in wind speed can make you feel cold very quickly.

While it can be very hot on the land, at the same time weather on the sea can be quite different. If you have various clothes, you are covered.




5. Right footwear

Choose footwear with a good grip since it can be sometimes slippery on the sailboat’s deck. This is also a matter of safety on board, so make sure you wear something that will give you stability.

Soft-soled shoes are also useful, so you might pack a pair of those. Also, don’t forget your flip flops.


6. Miscellaneous for your packing list

Packing list for sailboat cruising in Croatia

Here we just want to advise some of the things for your sailboat cruising in Croatia that you might also add to your packing list and these are:

  • Sunglasses with UV protection and cap
  • Sun cream – avoid sun oil because it can leave stains on teak decks and cockpit cushions
  • earplugs – it can be noisy sometimes in marinas, and if you don’t sleep tight, this will be the saver
  • eye mask – such a small and light thing, but can be useful
  • lip balm (you don’t want to have chapped lips on your vacation)
  • waterproof bag – particularly good if you go somewhere with tender
  • cork pendants for small accessories – might sound silly, but if you have one of these attached to your keys, it will prevent it from sinking
  • beach towels – unless you want to pay one on the check-in, you should add this to the packing list
  • 12V adapter for electronic devices


Here are also tips for what you don’t need to bring on your sailboat cruising in Croatia. These are kitchen equipment, navigation charts, first aid kit (every charter sailing boat in Croatia has the set) and towels. Normally shower towels are provided by the fleet operator, but we always advise you to double-check this before you arrive.

Above all mentioned, don’t forget to bring your smile and positive energy. What you can forget are concerns and work. Use this time in the best possible way for you and your crew, we know very well how much sailing vacation means to our customers.


Packing list for sailboat cruising in Croatia - infographic



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