Pets on Sailing Holidays

Do you plan to go on sailing or cruising by gulet and you want your big or small furry friend going with you? No problem: may you bring a dog or another pet at the sailing depends on the charter agency you choose but most of them will not mind. Here are few practical tips to make your holidays passed without stress.

1. Woof, this bureaucracy!

You must consider that some countries require microchipping and appropriate papers to cross the border. We recommend you check out regulations with the proper authorities of the country where you go. As for the Croatia, it is legally required to have a passport for each animal which must have information that your furry bundle have integrated circuit and is vaccinated against rabies. It applies to dogs, cats and ferrets. If, at the entry to Croatia, you do not meet the requirements your entry can be denied, or your pet will be returned to country of origin or quarantined. As the owner of the animal you’ll have to pay any expenses incurred – resulting from the implementation of quarantine or other measures.

2. My first sailing

When you take your pet on sailing for the first time keep in mind that it may be frightened or upset. You need to provide a quiet corner where it can hide and calm. Also, remove anything that might injure your fluffy friend in case of panic.

3. Meet me with the boat

Before you sail away guide the dog through all the places on the boat and determine where is his place to sleep by setting mat on which he sleeps at home. Set him his place in the middle of the ship where he will not interfere with the maneuver, departure and landing, where it will be in the shadow, teach him when he is allowed to go on and off the boat…

4. Where is my bathroom?

We recommend that you take artificial turf previously soaked by your dogs’ secretions in order not to force your dog to refrain until the next anchorage: it’s easier for him to identify with it, and practical for cleaning. If you have a small dog, it is sufficient to take toilet for cats, which, of course, you should take if you have a cat. Be sure to place it under the deck because of stability. If you do not want anything to take you can always train a pet to be discharged overboard. You may spend more time on this, but fun and further rapprochement with the dog is guaranteed!

5. Grrr, those stairs…!

Gangplank may be too steep, and your dog will not be able to climb. And for this we have solution: set up a board resolution on the steps and watch happily bouncing saying thank you for giving him easier staying.

6. Parasol, please!

Did you know that pets can also get sunburn? They can. Not only that, but they can get skin cancer too. It is recommended that you ensure them shade and plenty of water. Of course, lubricate them with protective cream for pets that you can get from the vet or in ordinary pet shop.

7. Hey, do not swing me so much!

As the sun burns, pets are prone to seasickness too. Some tablets for humans are good for animals but, when selecting them, make sure to consult with your veterinarian.

8. And the life jacket? I do not want to become the Titanic!

Yes, you read that right, there is a life belt for the dogs but in a variety of life-jacket, floating jacket for dogs. It has fluorescent color and a handle on the back for getting your favorite barker out of the water. It is recommended that he wears it while on board all the time.

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