Vis – Unavoidable Stop Point During Sailing Croatia

In the middle of the high seas of the Adriatic, there is the island of Vis. It is listed among 10 undiscovered islands of dreams and marked as a favourite European destination. Town of Vis, despite a turbulent history, has remained the urbanistically unchanged, architecturally authentic and environmentally clean.

You’re in the middle of the high seas of the Adriatic…

As the anthem of the island, Vis says, in the middle of the high seas of the Adriatic there is the island of Vis and in the Bay of St. George is a town of Vis. Despite a turbulent history, the city has remained urbanistically unchanged, architecturally authentic and environmentally clean. It is not surprising that in the last six years tourism is booming on this beauty: the island is listed among 10 undiscovered islands of dreams and marked as a favourite European destination.

The town of Vis has become an unavoidable point of cruising in Croatia. Bay St. George is well indented, and port is deeply cut in and protected by hills from southerly winds and partly from tramontana wind as well. On the north side, it’s closed by islet Host.

There is no marina, but it offers the entire waterfront to the boaters. Most of the berths on the waterfront area in the Port and from the beginning of the eastern waterfront there are sixty moorings. On the shore are banks of filing cabinets with electricity and water. Moorings are far from the shore, so you can tie the boat which length is up to sixteen meters. The sea depth along this part of the waterfront is between 2.5 and 3.8 meters.

You can also use the part of the shore called Kut. It is equipped with moorings, water and electricity and has a capacity of thirty yachts. The depth along this side of the waterfront is 1.5 to 2.8 meters. This part of the Vis harbour is also open to the winds from the north and northeast but especially to those from the northwest and west, from where you need to beware of summer storms.

Berths and anchorages on the waterfront and in Kut are charged by the length of the vessel.

History, food, entertainment…

Once you sail into Vis, do not miss to meet with many beauties that this city offers. Since it was founded by the Greeks in the 4th century BC it is rich of archaeological monuments, especially in the museum of the island of Vis, which has an ethnographic collection too.

Near the coast, there are archaeological sites Martvilo (only Hellenistic cemetery in Croatia) and Roman baths. The remains of the ancient theatre and other stone monuments of the ancient Issa, you can see in the monastery of Conventual also located on the promenade.

The narrow winding streets of the first urban centre in Croatia hide many taverns where you can taste traditional Dalmatian cuisine, as well as restaurants serving seafood in the Italian style. The heart of the place is full of many cafes, so your summer evenings will be filled with partying and vitality.

If you want to explore the whole island of Vis you’ll enjoy in medieval villages, ancient ruins, olive groves and the best vineyards in Dalmatia as well as in the miles of sandy beaches, pebble strand and bays.

This is only a small part of what island of Vis offers. Come and see it for yourself!

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