Gulete - MS Perla - Gulet Perla

MS Perla - Gulet Perla
Galvenā informācija
Jahta: MS Perla
Modelis: Gulet Perla
Veids: Gulete
Uzbūves gads: 2001 refit: 2001.
Tehniskais raksturojums
garums: 31.00 m
piestātnes: 12
Kabīnes: 6
WC/Duša: 6

Just like some kind of bead, the ship with that name graced our string of gullets in our offer. On the spacious rear deck covered by hard top roof which can be whole closed you will eat at the table and lie back on a comfortable sofa. The front deck will be a substitute for the beach as you can sunbathe on mattresses, but also drink coffee in a small some kind of living room with the two coffee tables and sofas. Large lounge stands out with white sitting set shaped in the form of letter “u” and installed around a wooden table. There is also a bar, TV, phone, PC, CD player, and the ability to use Wi-Fi. 6 air-conditioned cabins with en suite bathrooms can accommodate 12 people. This romantic gullet ideal for families will give you a unique journey along the Croatian coast of the Adriatic. Welcome!

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