Gulete - MS Tango - Gulet Tango

MS Tango - Gulet Tango
Galvenā informācija
Jahta: MS Tango
Modelis: Gulet Tango
Veids: Gulete
Uzbūves gads: 2005 refit: 2012.
Tehniskais raksturojums
garums: 28.00 m
piestātnes: 16 (14+2)
Kabīnes: 7
WC/Duša: 7

Now, this is the right name for the gullet! Deck is dominated by fiery red color, passionate one just like tango. Sunbathing mattresses, large sofa next to the table, awning that covers the rear deck ...all that is red. The large salon is also red: curtains and carpet provide luxurious royal appearance of this boat-beauty. You will feel like that with bar, TV and Wi-Fi and a fully equipped kitchen. Seven air-conditioned cabins have double beds and en suite bathrooms. This gulet has a wide range of sporting activities: kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing, banana, snorkeling equipment and fishing. It is also suitable for children because it has a high bulwarks. Professional and carefully selected crew will complete your dance during tours of our beautiful coastline. Enjoy!

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