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Day 3

The history of the town of Vodice goes back to ancient times, with archaeological evidence telling us it has been inhabited even before the 4 th century B.C. Apparently, it was a prominent settlement in the Roman times, since the glass pottery collection discovered here is one of the most luxurious found anywhere in the old Roman Empire. The rich local history continued through Medieval times and the Turkish invasions, with Vodice first mentioned by that name in the 15 th century. Many sites and monuments testify of the long, rich history of Vodice. Today, Vodice is the most renowned tourist center of the Central Adriatic, with gastronomic and cultural offering and range of options for recreation, as wide as you can imagine.

Jezera is the smallest settlement on the island of Murter, in Kornati. Settled in a small, picturesque, well-protected inlet, Jezera was inhabited as far back as 1298. It received its name (meaning "lakes") after the natural phenomenon of the island: the fall and winter rains cause the gathering of water into great puddles which begin to resemble actual lakes; these evaporate with the first rays of the spring sun, making the phenomenon even more curious and attractive for it. Today, Jezera are a prominent fishing center in the Middle Adriatic, and buying freshly caught  fish directly from the fishermen, as they set in the port in the evening, is an experience you will not soon forget.