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5 Fun Boating Ideas For On-board Entertainment

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In and around Croatia, you should definitely try boating as a recreational activity. The stunning coastline of Croatia and its idyllic islands make the perfect backdrop for exhilarating adventures and nourishing experiences. There is something so exciting and relaxing at the same time about booking a gulet in Croatia and moving towards the horizon and clear blue skies. Here’s a caveat though: you might want to go on gulet holidays again and again.

Couples can try romantic sailing in Croatia. Trogir Archipelago is perfect for romantic getaways because of the picturesque beaches, pristine towns, and clear water. Families or large groups could opt for a bareboat yacht charter in Croatia. For a most enjoyable experience, you must not underestimate the importance of planning and indulging in on-board entertainment.

When it comes to on-board entertainment, there are plenty of options for the various age groups and varying skill levels. You can select options that cater to the specific interests of your family members. Rent a boat in Croatia and make it an unforgettable experience with these activities:

1. Water Sport and Adventure: Towable Tubing

There can be a whole list of reasons why you should try tubing. However, in a nutshell, tubing is a simple and inclusive way to enjoy water. Before you tow, make sure your boat has a qualified and competent driver who can maintain the appropriate speed for riders. Additionally, there needs to be a capable observer/spotter. Ensure that the line is tight before acceleration. It is important to remember that towable tubes swing out in the opposite direction when a boat turns, and the speed of the tube might also be much higher than the boat. Each tube rider needs to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) and sunscreen. Then all that’s left is to enjoy the water tubing adventure. Other water activities that you could enjoy on a yacht are fishing and diving. Diving will let you explore the magic beneath the surface of the water. To dive independently, you should complete courses and obtain certifications. Fishing is an activity anyone can enjoy. On a yacht, you don’t even need a fishing rod or spinning. A handline and leftover food will work. You should however educate yourself on the fishing protocol (especially surrounding endangered species) of the area. If you get a good catch, you could keep it for another activity on this list.

2. Playing Games: Maximising Fun and Excitement

Games are not just for kids; they can be tweaked or enjoyed by all age groups. On board a yacht, you could play physical games like twister, scavenger hunt, and table tennis (with necessary safety precautions and based on suitability). Another great option would be a guessing game such as Charades and Pictionary. If none of these seem to suit your preferences, you could try classic board games, card games, or even online games. You can also keep your family (or group) engaged with verbal games such as nautical trivia quiz, I Spy, 20 questions, and telephone.

3. Cooking: Putting Culinary Skills into Practice

Cooking onboard a yacht is not like cooking on land, but that’s the fun part of it. You will need to make creative use of the limited kitchen (galley) space, ingredients, and equipment. If you are on a crewed yacht charter in Croatia, you will need to collaborate with the crew. Plan well and source the ingredients. Simple recipes are the best for cooking on a moving yacht.

With some preparation, you could be enjoying a barbecue under the stars. Grill lobster and some hearty fish. Have delicious hot seafood while enjoying the cool breeze from the sea. To engage the entire group, you could hold yacht-themed cooking competitions. Announce the rules and the reward in advance. Not only will you be able to partake in some healthy competition, but you will also be able to enjoy a variety of cooking styles and scrumptious dishes. Capture these memories in photographs and document your meal experiences in a journal.

4. Relaxing: Sunbathing and Reading

As you know, sunbathing can boost your Vitamin D levels. Other than that, it can help alleviate your stress, boost your immunity, regulate your blood pressure, and improve your mental health. You can reap all these benefits just by basking in the sun! However, you need to take precautions to sunbathe safely. Remember to hydrate, cover your body with sunscreen (SPF 30 or more), and eat some tomatoes (prevent redness from UV rays). While you sunbathe, you could explore some nautical-themed literature and classics. But when you combine sunbathing and reading, don’t get so caught up in your book that you forget to turn or move. You don’t want to end up with weird-shaped tan lines.

5. DIY Crafts: Learning New Skills

While Having Fun Indulging in art or DIY crafts onboard can turn into a novel and fun experience. You can make the arts and crafts marine-themed. Try nautical knot-tying; if there is no one around who can teach you, make use of plenty of helpful online resources. Master various knots like clove hitch, square knot, and figure-eight knot. Start with the simple knots and gradually move to the more complicated ones. If you possess knot-tying skills already, give a crash course to your travel companions. You could also try capturing marine inspirations through watercolour painting or sketching.

Setting Sail

Start your next sea adventure with these onboard entertainment ideas in mind. With such activities, you will be able to create precious shared memories, maximize fun, learn or improve some skills, and generally make the most of your trip.