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Gulet Cruising in Croatia – 8 Reasons Why it is a Great Multi-Generational Vacation

Travelling with your family sounds great, but in real life, it can easily turn into a headache. Several generations, different preferences, various ideas on how to spend time considering this, is there a specific type of vacation that could meet demands from different age groups? Is there a multi-generational vacation where grandparents and grandchildren can enjoy equally? The answer is yes, and its gulet cruising in Croatia. Stay with us and read which are the reasons that support this statement.

1. Something for everyone

This type of crewed vessel offers plenty of opportunities for everybody on board. There is saying that variety is the spice of life. Quite similar, gulet cruising is something too diverse to be boring to anyone. There are so many possibilities for how to spend your time and recharge your batteries at the same time.

Whether you want to do some jet ski or water ski, or just lay down and sunbath while you drink a cocktail, gulet is the place where all of this is possible. They do differ when it comes to the size of the cabins, the number of the crew, a range of water toys, but the idea is the same. The paddleboard of gulet cruising is to provide a unique experience and make you want to repeat it.

Kids playing on the bow of the gulet

2. Kids-friendly vacation

Kids are most welcome and loved guests on a gulet. Every gulet has a certain range of water toys, such as paddleboard, kayak, inflatables, snorkelling gear, water ski, jet-ski or donut ride. Very often gulets have board games and sometimes even PlayStation. Wi-Fi is also a must on every gulet. An additional reason to have kids on board is that this holiday can really make them connect with nature and create awareness about the environment.

So, kids have a wide offer of activities and can spend their time in many different and interesting ways. Not to forget, kids very often have a discount on food packages.

Parents resting on a mattress on the deck of the gulet

3. Parents can really relax

Since most of the kids are amusing themselves, parents really have time for relaxing during the gulet cruise in Croatia. Were living faster and faster, and this is a holiday where you can slow down and compensate for everything youve put aside during the year.

Its not only about being on a vacation, but its also about being with your loved ones, trying some great food and experiencing something new together.

4. Grandparents on board?

Yes! Senior cruise is very popular in Croatia nowadays. This is not a real Wi-Fi cruise, but this type of vacation offers plenty of benefits for this group of people. When you charter yacht like this, you can really have a peaceful holiday without anyone bothering you. If you dont want to overnight in some crowded port or marina and weather conditions are good, you can easily spend the night on anchor in some remote bay. Furthermore, this kind of holiday is effortless and doesnt require you to be physically fit.

5. Its safe

This is very often a question when it comes to kids on board. Whenever there are kids on board, the crew puts special emphasis on safety issues (e. g. safety net is placed on the railing). The crew is responsible for safety on board and they always communicate this with guests on embarkation. Regarding the safety of the ship itself, the Croatian Register of Shipping has annual inspections of each gulet and is the one to allow every gulet to work and have guests on board.

Kid and parents talking and resting on the mattress on the deck of the gulet

6. It's private

When you hire the whole gulet, apart from you and the crew there is nobody else on board. This means that this yacht is your living space for the next 7 or 14 days. What also differs gulet cruise from e. g. villa rent is that you cant run away in each moment. This may even sound a bit scary, but what I have seen so far is that this kind of holiday can really strengthen relations between family members. If not for that, ask yourself how often you have occasions when three generations meet and stay together for some time?

Packing list for sailboat cruising in Croatia

7. There is enough space for everyone

If you have never spent your vacation on a yacht, you will for sure ask yourself is there are enough spaces. The answer is yes because everybody can hang out together or split into smaller groups. Outside spaces really provide enough place for everyone on board.

There is no universal cabin size since each gulet is custom-built, but you can be 100% sure that cabin size is not something that will be the most significant for your overall experience.

Passengers standing in front of the gulet while a crew member is giving directions

8. Professional crew

The crew is also one important factor that makes this kind of holiday suitable for multi-generational groups. Apart from the fact that the crew serves food and drinks, cleans the cabins, keeps you safe and leads you to the most impressive places, they can give some useful tips to spice your vacation. Before each charter, the crew gets information from guests about their preferences from the document called preference list. This way, they can know in advance what are likes and dislikes and tailor everything in accordance with stated preferences.

On your holiday this means that you wont get certain food if somebody from the group has allergies on that. The crew also takes several other factors into consideration, such as places youd like to see, activities you prefer and so on.

Passengers in front of the gulet are waving goodby to crew on the gulet

Knowing the fact that you are going to step on the gulet without having to keep track of everything mentioned, it really seems attractive. So, feel no guilt when you kick up your heels!

If you want to find out more about gulet cruising in Croatia, just give us a call or send us a message. Were not going to offer you boat rental only, our real mission is to help you experience something memorable.

Gulet cruising in Croatia – 8 reasons why it is a great multi-generational vacation - infographic